Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Wilko Skin Therapy

You can buy pretty much anything in Wilko these days but it's not often a place I think of to go for my skincare. I guess with Boots so close by for me its a force of habit to go there. 


I was sent these bits from Wilkos Skin Therapy  range to try and I've found some great products -one product that is particularly  great!

Skin Therapy Facial Scrub for Normal and Combination Skin
I don't like to use a harsh scrub on my face so this one worked really well for me. The gel like consistency really made my skin feel refreshed and the tiny beads exfoliated away dead skin cells. It's so gentle it's good to use every day.


Skin Therapy  Soothing Eye Gel for Normal and Combination Skin
This one didn't really do much for me. I didn't notice much of a difference to my eye area at all although it claimed to reduce puffiness - I didn't have overly puffy eyes to begin with so maybe that's why? For the money it's worth a go, it did feel nice to apply and it might work for you but it did nothing for me and I like to use higher end brands around my delicate eye area.


Skin Therapy Eye Make Up Remover for Normal and Combination Skin
 I was completely wowed by this, I found it removed all traces of make up brilliantly. You shake it up before use to mix it up and then just wipe over your eyes using cotton wool. It's alcohol and fragrance free so you know you're not putting anything harmful on your eyes. I will say it left my skin a little greasy feeling but I use a toner after removing my make up so that got rid of that straight away.


Now are you ready for the best bit? All of these products are just 95p! Yep, less than a pound! There's also sensitive versions of each of these if you prefer to use products for sensitive skin. I'll definitely be repurchasing the eye make up remover for sure.


Have you found any gems in Wilko lately?


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  1. The makeup remover sounds lovely, I hate skin products with alcohol in it's such a backwards ingredient! I might try the eye cream purely for price, as I'm not using anything at the moment so must be better than that!

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