Thursday, 8 January 2015

Slendertone Update

I was doing so well with my Slendertone, vowing to keep up with my health and fitness over the Festive period. And up til Christmas eve I'd been using it every day. Then I had a 9 day break, mostly down to being so busy seeing family and friends and on the days in between needing to rest from how exhausted we all were from the long days.

But when normal service resumed on Friday (as in everyone went back to work and it was officially January) I stated all over again. 9 days off would be fine any other time of year but I sure noticed a difference after eating so many sweets and treats over Christmas!

Like a lot of people at this time of year I'm on a health kick. I'm back to doing what I was doing before Christmas, eating well, not overdoing the carbs and cutting out alcohol.  But I've decided to up my water intake and make sure I include more fruit in my diet too, bananas are particularly good fuel for a good work out. 


The Slendertone has really encouraged me to up my work outs and watch what I eat. If I find myself doing something standing still for a while like washing up or ironing I think 'oh I can pop the Slendertone on' it's so easy to fit into every day life!

Wearing it while cooking made me want to cook healthier too, I felt like cooking a fry up while wearing an abs belt was a bit silly. 

I'm managing to have it on intensity 103 without any trouble so that can only be a good thing! I'm feeling really motivated to keep going.


I think it's down to  slacking over Christmas that I don't have proper visible results but who knows? Maybe when I next update I'll be showing off some abs of steel! Here's hoping! 



  1. OOh the more I read about these, the more I need one x

  2. I was looking at this and thinking about getting it because I'm going on a health kick as well and it couldn't hurt since I do eventually want nice abs