Monday, 19 January 2015

Sleek Au Naturel Palette

Sleek are a great affordable brand and I have only tried out a handful of products. 
Their eyeshadows always get a good write-up, I love my 'Storm' palette, It's the one make up palette I've actually replaced - and that never happens! I kept meaning to try another palette so I was really pleased when my brother and his girlfriend bought me this.


There's perfect names that really reflect the colour, I hate when colours have the most random names that don't really help you get an idea of what they are.

The Au Naturel Palette has12  nude-brown shades in a mixture of matte and shimmer finishes. Priced at £7.99  it means it's just 66p per eyeshadow! A complete bargain so even if you don't use a couple of shades it just does't matter. The big mirror inside is a major plus for me and there was a sponge applicator too. 

After being so pleased with my Storm Palette I was really looking forward to using this. All of the shades looked like ones I'd use and the warm brown shades looked great for creating a brown smokey eye - which is a nice alternative to a harsh black.

Sleek-Au-Naturel- Palette-shades-noir-regal-moss-conker-taupe-nubuck-nougat-toast-honeycomb

The palette contains 4 shimmer shades and 8 matte. In the past I've used a lot more shimmer shades as I never seem to have a lot of luck with blending matte ones but I found this really easy to work with and I've been experimenting more with matte shades which is a lot more natural. I really like it. 

I've swatched the shades to show the colours properly. The first 2 shades took a little work to show up on my arm, you can barley see the lightest shade 'Nougat' and that was with a lot of building up. I found the rest to be lovely an pigmented though.

The shimmer shade in the top row 'Taupe' has a lovely rose gold tone to it and is a great highlighter shade.
All of the bottom row are extremely pigmented - especially the black shade simply named 'Noir'. I'd actually use the deeper colours with a wet brush as a liner too, the shimmer underneath the bottom lashes looks lovely.

You can combine so many of the shades to give so many different looks, 'Cappuccino' and 'Bark' is a great match and 'Moss' and 'Regal' are really striking.

Sleek-Au-Naturel- Palette-Review-swatches

I like to keep my day-look pretty natural and tend to stick to earthy tones so this is perfect but it also gives me the chance to experiment a little more with them as there's a little more variety there. I'd never think to try out yellowy shades like 'Honeycomb' and 'Toast' but they look great swept across the lid with a darker matte shade on the crease. I'm looking forward to using more of the deeper chocolaty shades to give a more sultry look too. 

I'm getting  so much use out of this. I've used almost all of the shades and I'm going to make sure I try to experiment more with some looks and step out of my comfort zone. It's a complete winner with the only negative being I find it really tough to open and am using my tweezers to prise it open at the moment to save me breaking a nail! I hope it loosens up a bit over time!

What's your favourite Sleek Palette?
What other products from Sleek should I try out?



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  2. I love sleek! You're so right, it's so affordable for the quality :)

    lots of love xxx

  3. Sleek is a brand I used to use and for some reason stopped! I really want to get my hands on the Precious Metals Palette :)

    Francesca xo // EffStar Beauty

  4. Sleek pallets are so good for growing your make up collection quickly and cheaply however the quality is so good.


    1. I agree! So many versatile shades and lots to experiment with too