Saturday, 3 January 2015

Looking back on 2014

Looking back on 2014 it's been a really great year. I've come on a lot in myself and I feel so much more positive. There's a few things that have helped towards this along with some milestones to look back on.

Here's a little run down on last year...

I got healthy.
I've always been into eating well. 90% of my food is fresh, I have a practically empty freezer. I love nothing more than a big bowl of veg and I feel better for it. I've really enjoyed cooking healthy meals for my family.

exercised a lot more, I stopped making excuses. When ever I felt bad about my body I made sure I did something about it. I wasn't happy with how weak I felt. When I said I didn't have time I made time. I got up before Mason woke up and had an hour to myself working out, drinking some lovely cold water and taking a shower before starting the day which made me have a great spring in my step for the rest of the day. 

I learnt to trust girls
I'm still learning that people can be nasty no matter what age and that's just life, the difficult thing is dealing with it. I learnt it's not just girls that can be childish too!
I've started to trust girls again, something that I thought would take a lot longer but any situation I was nervous of, I made sure I threw myself in and told myself this is a sink or swim situation. Thanks to the amazing girls I've met this year at blogging events I've never felt better and I'm so happy in myself. Spending time with my old work girls has made me feel great too, they're all so lovely. It's really nice being around people who compliment each other and who are honest. 

I learnt to appreciate my family more
I learnt that my family are one of a kind and I absolutely adore each one of them. There have been situations this year that made me realise how lucky I am to have a family who get on and keep away from drama. My Mum is my idol and if all men were like my brothers and my Dad the world would be a better place!

I learnt to be confident
There's nothing wrong with liking things about yourself, it's not big headed, it's confidence.
 I don't need to feel bad about showing off my belly or wearing a short skirt.
There's  a lot I dislike about my appearance and some of it I can't change but I make the most of what I've got and just focus on the good things and change what 'bad' things I can. I learnt that I do a pretty good job of taking care of Mason too, he's so well behaved and I'm so proud of who he's becoming. I know it's partly down to me but I honestly just think he's a little super star!

I learnt to plan my time better
I don't let things get on top of me. I let the little tasks wait a while and I stopped telling myself how "I need to do this and this and this and that.." it doesn't help creating a huge list in your head. I made sure I made time to play with Mason, to get out of the house, to get blog bits done and to find time for me. Finding the right balance has really improved my outlook.

I learnt that things can be twisted.

Anything you put online is down to interpretation, it can be taken hundreds of different ways and we can jump to conclusions. Things aren't always as they seem but the best thing to do is talk about it in person. Social media can be a great thing if things aren't taken to heart. The key thing is tell someone if you think something is up!

I learnt to be myself
If I got down I didn't keep it to myself, I made sure I told someone -usually Amy but it's nice to be able to vent and not feel like I'm just moaning and annoying someone who is just going to twist it and tell someone else and turn it into something it's not. Amy tells me when I'm being silly and listens and offers great advice. Sharing my thoughts really helped me overcome so many problems.

Milestones -

- I went to my first funeral 
which was really sad. The worst part was seeing my Mum so upset. It was a lovely day though and everyone in my family was brought closer together which my Grandad would have loved.

- Mason turned 2
 he moved into his 'big boy bed' and he's now chatting away constantly. He makes more and more sense every day, it's crazy how quickly his speech has come on. 

-I went for a weekend away
It doesn't sounds like much but this was a big one for me, I plan to write about it in more detail but being away from my family for a long weekend with a group of girls was a big step. With my trust issues and my insecurities I wasn't sure I could do it, but it's made me learn a lot.

-we had our first trip away as a family 
which was lovely and we spent time with some amazing friends of ours too. It was nice to get away after the horrible year that 2013 was.

Overall it has been a great year, I'm looking forward to the adventure that 2015 is going to be!

How was your 2014?


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