Thursday, 22 January 2015

in 2015 I will....

So I am writing this pretty late. I've been in hospital today and not been well the last couple of days in the lead up to it. Nothing serious, just a check up of sorts that I'd rather not go into.

Either way I want to stick to blogging everyday, but forgive me for this post being a little bit 'nothing-y'


I saw this template on Pinterest as a sort of note to write to yourself to keep for the year. A kind-of motivation thing. 

So keeping it very simple-
This year I will...

Quit making excuses. 
Start taking better care of myself.
Visit my brother. 
Accept my flaws
Honour myself first 
Make the best of everything
See more people I love.
Learn more about blogging.
Give more surprise presents. 
Eat more fruit.
Have great experiences with my son. 
Be brave.
Act like a lady.
Grow my blog.
Invest in a decent bag.

What are your goals for 2015?


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