Saturday, 10 January 2015

Collection Galactica Lip Butters

There were loads of competitions on Twitter over Christmas and I was lucky enough to win one by Collection. I am always hearing great things about Collection but I haven't used them in years. Collection (back when it was Collection 2000) was the first make up brand I ever tried due to a frosted lipstick coming free with Shout magazine! I guess I can thank them for starting my interest in make-up.


I was thrilled that the prize I won was a lip product and these Galactica Lip Butters looked really lovely.  With their metallic shine to them it felt like such perfect timing to win this over the festive party  season!

The first thing I noticed was how soft and creamy they were - so much so that I kind of smudged the tip when swatching it! There's certainly no dragging when applied. Due to their creaminess they feel really nourishing which is great for this time of year.

They twist up from the bottom which pleases me -I really hate sharpening pencils! The pointed tip makes it easy to apply though they are really soft so go gently!

There are  3 shades available - Moon Rock which is a golden nude and is quite subtle with one coat. When it's built up it gives a real 90's look as it looks a little more brown-toned.

Cosmetic Candy is a dusky pink that actually takes me back to the first frosted lipstick I tried by Collection back in the day! It's a really wearable shade.

Pink Rush is my favourite. A hot pink with a bit of a violet tone. This one seems to have the most shine to it and would look amazing with an all black outfit for an edgy rock-chic look. 

They are sheer with one coat or easily built up. I love the shine they give, there's been a lot of lip butter products around this year but nothing with a finish like these -not in my collection anyway!


One thing I did find was when built up I did end up smudging it a little so I felt like I had to keep an eye on my lips a little bit more than usual. I think these work better for a touch of colour.

They retail at £2.99 but they're currently on offer at Boots for £2.49. I'm definitely going to be keeping one in my bag for when I need a bit of colour to my lips in the day.

Have you tried these out?
What do you think?