Saturday, 17 January 2015

Christian Louboutin inspired nails

Oh Christian Louboutin... 

Being the shoe lover I am, it's no surprise that I love the old red bottom heels! They're such beautiful shoes and are great designs that will go with anything. They are definitely not made for comfort but I am all about the glamor and adore how a pair of good heels improve a look.


I'm not a massive 'handbag person', I don't really care about jewellery. But heels are my thing and I've always planned to treat myself to some expensive ones. I'll be the one on the school run dressed totally inappropriately, I'm sure!
I plan to at least own a couple of pairs in my lifetime. I will definitely get married in a pair.


Money just will not allow it at the moment so I'll be sensible. For now I am channelling my love for them through my nails! I painted them with Bourjois 1 Seconde Nail polish in '11 Rouge In Style' which is such a gorgeous glossy red and looks so classic on its own but I felt like adding a little something. My Leather Effect Nails Inc nail polish in 'Nobo' hadn't been used for a while to I added a black leather-look to the tip on the ring finger. I couldn't help but think of a certain type of footwear...


It's a very simple look and it's a little nod to my favourite shoe designer. Though the shoes in the picture obviously aren't Louboutins but are my lovely new Carvela pair that I was bought for Christmas.


I love the look and the polish lasted me almost a week without chipping, and that was without a topcoat. The red was opaque in 1 coat but the second gave it a bit more depth. It probably would have lasted even longer but I change my nail polish so often I just wanted to try another colour!

What do you think?
What inspires your change of nail colour?



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