Sunday, 7 December 2014

Time to Switch off


This time of year can feel very stressful. I've made sure I take time out for myself to try and remain calm (and a lot nicer to be around!)

My partner Sam has this amazing outlook on life, he always says you never know what someone is going through so it's not right to judge. I've been on the end of this many times and it's taught me not take things too seriously. You learn the most important lessons when you go through the toughest times.


I used to get so wound up by the littlest things. I see it all the time on my Twitter timeline. People having rants about things that really don't matter. I try to take a step back and think 'what am I getting wound up about?' before I let something trivial effect my mood. So what if X Factor let the wrong person go, so what if a celeb has said something contraversial, does it matter if someone sold something that they won? So what if everyone is wearing black?!!  There could be perfect reasons behind everything that you just don't know about so why get upset by it? At the end of the day, does it really effect your life? 

that got a bit 'rant' there didn't it... perhaps I should practice what I preach huh? ;)

I just think it's really important to switch off, and take sometime to relax each day. Even ten minutes a day makes all the difference. 
A few things that are guaranteed to make me relax are very simple. Talking to my bestie always makes me smile, I can be having the toughest day and every single time she makes me laugh and I'm feeling tonnes better.


After we're done chatting (or sometimes we're still chatting to be fair) I get in the bath which I feel is an obvious suggestion but since Sam bought me a pot of Burts Bees Therapeutic Bath Crystals I'm loving them for really helping me relax, when I have these in my bath I almost always start to drift off to sleep -the smell of lemon oil, rosemary, and eucalyptus is amazing.

After the bath, I pop on a warm tracksuit or PJs and get myself a cup of Earl Grey and light a candle. It's lovely how different scents can effect your mood and the NV  Lavender and sage velvet candle puts me in such a calm mood. I like to have it on when doing a bit of yoga too or I use my Headspace app which really helps to step away from the stress of every day life for a while.  
frosted glass with gold flower design is really pretty and it has 35 hours of burning time so that's me sorted for a good amount of me-time for some time now!

How do you switch off?


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