Tuesday, 2 December 2014

November - What I wore, ate, read, watched and used

November is always a busy month. It was both mine and my partner Sam's birthdays within a week of each other and we always stretch out celebrations for about 2 weeks in order to see different sets of people. Any Excuse! We went out a lot last month and had a pretty hectic diary -but it was fantastic! So following on from a pretty tame October, here's how November was for me -

What I wore-
I went to the Bloggers Hub and with the weather being rather warm for November I got away with wearing these polka dot sports by Girls on Film with some tights and a long sleeved top and heeled (of course) boots. I planned to take outfit posts for each night out but I ran behind each time and was rushing out of the door with barely time for a selfie! 


What I ate-
One of our (many) birthday celebrations was at a great restaurant near the place where we used to work together; Little Bay in Farringdon. We met up with a group of our friends and as usual laughed a lot and timed just flew by catching up with everyone. I had an amazing Lamb steak with glazed vegetables in a red wine jus which was really incredible. If you're ever in the area I really recommend it, it's really affordable, the waiters are lovely and it's got a great atmosphere.


What I read-
My bother got me Sali Hughes' book, 'Pretty Honest' for my birthday. It's full of great beauty advice and it's a brilliant book to flick through and read in parts, which is good for my busy lifestyle!
I really do need to try and set aside more time to settle down with a good book -maybe it will have to be a New Years Resolution...


What I watched-
Being the bad reality TV addict that I am I've been roped into X Factor, I think going in with the frame of mind that everything is a fix from day one and that it's an entertainment programme, not a talent show makes it much easier to watch. It's a bit of fun and it gets us all talking. I see so many people who take it far too seriously and get wound up by it. My favourite is Ben Haenow, although I think Fleur should win as she is the easiest one to market in the current industry. Anyone in the final 4 or 5 is sure to get a deal anyway so from now on it's just a musical countdown to Christmas really!

What I used-
I've been constantly raving about it and I can't believe these things are so cheap! Now it's officially winter is only feels right to be wearing a berry lip and my go-to lipstick has been Maybelline Color Drama lip pencil in Berry Much. It's such a beautiful shade and really long lasting -even with all the eating and drinking I've been doing!


*cliche alert* 
"I can't believe it's December!" It's really flown by - I think I say this every year! 

Christmas shopping has well and truly started and I can start to get in the Christmas spirit -I refuse to until it's December and my decorations won't be going up for a couple of weeks yet! I fell the next monthly round up with be very Christmassy indeed!

I hope you had a wonderful November -what did you get up to?


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