Thursday, 11 December 2014

My Slendertone Abs belt Challenge

Slendertone is a brand I think we've all heard of. Seen as a belt to give you a six pack is possibly why some people have seen this as a bit of a gimmick in the past -myself included.


 I think the reasons for this is because people expect results from merely wearing the belt and  carrying on with their life as usual. The see this as more of a miracle product -which is doesn't claim, to be at all. By all means wear the belt and do nothing else,  it will give you results -but they will be very minor. 

If you're eating well and take regular exercise the belt is going to do wonders for you, it's a little bit of extra toning that is done for you. It's adding that extra push when you just can't go on any further.

I was gifted an abs belt at the Bloggers Hub and I've been using it 5 times a week ever since.

It's clinically proven to show results in 4 weeks when used correctly - this statement alone motivated me, "I WILL USE IT CORRECTLY! I WILL GET RESULTS!"

The initial motivation was to tone up for a girls weekend away where we'd possibly be going for a swim. I have no problem with being in a bikini in front of my partner, but other girls... it just un nerved me. I'm to one to mope about, when I have a problem I like to fix it. I wasn't feeling good in my body, so I made sure I made time to change that. 

The little control pad charges up in 3 hours, you attach it to the belt to decide what programme you want so it's easy to turn up and down. The belt fastens around the waist with velcro strips to hold it tightly in place. It fits sizes from  24" to 44".


You place the 3 sticky pads on the correct areas of the belt and wrap the best around so that the middle pad is over the belly button. It feels really sticky at first but that just shows that these pads are going to last al on time without needing replacing.

The belt uses electronic currants to stimualte muscles through the pads and it doesn't feel the least bit uncomfortable! I was expecting to feel a bit ...electrocuted but it starts as a tingle and gets stronger the more you intensify it which you can do with the handheld control pad. It doesn't hurt at all. the most I felt was the obvious feeling of muscles tightening for a couple of seconds.

I knew I needed to focus on more than the Slendertone abs belt to get the results I wanted. I'm slim(ish) anyway but I wanted to be more toned. 

Firstly I decided to drink more water, feeling more hydrated is always the best first step. I don't drink much alcohol at all so I didn't need to cut down on it really. I've upped my protein intake and I'm eating less carbs. I'm not depriving myself, I let myself have a carb-y dinner if I've trained really hard that day, it gives my body a chance to refuel and it's a well deserved treat. I think being too strict on these things makes you want to stop.

I aim to work out every weekday morning and use the Slendertone in the evening when preparing dinner. It's going well so far!

I've just got back from my weekend away and although we didn't even go swimming in the end I felt confident enough to wear a crop top on a couple of nights out. It's only been a couple of weeks and the Slendertone has done my confidence some good already.

 I'll be updating you all on my Slendertone journey. Maybe I'll post some details of my work outs and how you how my abs are getting on.



  1. Ooooh I'm really curious to see your journey! I always wanted to try one of these abs belts but thought they could potentially be a waste of money haha

    Creepers and Cupcakes - Beauty Blog

  2. I think I'd need to wear this constantly for the rest of my life to see results :)

    1. haha! I feel like that - especially after Christmas!

  3. Slimish? Slimish? blooming twiglet you are! x