Wednesday, 31 December 2014

December - What I Wore, Ate, Read, Watched and Used...

After a busy November December was even busier. December is always a busy month full of catching up with friends and family and Christmas shopping. I tackled a few personal demons and ended up really proud of myself. 

What I wore-
Finding a picture of my outfits from December was pretty tough, of  all the days and nights out I went on, I didn't take many pictures!
I went to see the Big Reunion at Butlins (5ive, B*Witched, A1, Blazing Squad -don't be jel) and one of my OOTN's was this simple black trousers (ASOS) and tartan bralet combo. I love this bralet, it's from Little Mistress and is actually in the sale at the moment. The nude heels are from Office and are actually really comfortable!


What I ate-
Other than the obvious Christmas dinner (I'm sure you've seen enough of them -they never look as nice in photos do they?!) I ate a lot of amazing things. Christmas is about eating good food! I don't think it's about indulging though - too much work in the New Year!
On Christmas morning I made breakfast for us all. I'd decided it should be something to tide us over til we had Christmas dinner later in the day but nothing that would have me slaving away in the kitchen for too long. So after Mason unwrapped his presents I rustled up these bacon cups which are so simple to do! Just line a muffin tin with strips of bacon and fill it with whisked eggs and bake them for half hour. I had some warm cinnamon swirls too cos it's only right that Christmas morning smells of cinnamon.


What I read- 
completely slacked on the reading front if I'm honest. There just wasn't the time. I will make sure I read something properly next month onwards! New Year - new reading habits!

What I watched-
 I loved seeing the musical Jersey Boys in the West End so I was really excited when I heard they were making a film. I love Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, their greatest hits is one of my most played albums (I was born in the wrong era when it comes to music!) I absolutely loved the film, when it got to the end I was tempted to put it on from the start again -I enjoyed it that much! I was bopping around in my seat the whole way through, the soundtrack is great!


What I used-
I love having a tan over the Christmas season and with so many events planned it's hard to keep up with scrubbing off a fake tan and reapplying every few days. So 
 I've really been loving the Cocoa Brown Gentle Bronze Gradual Tanner to keep up a glow with minimal effort. I was amazed how moisturising it was and the fact that it left a great natural colour too was great. I've been recommending it to everyone I know! 


What a year it's been. I've come a long way and I'll be writing about this properly soon. I'm really looking forward to 2015. We've got a lot of plans on the horizon and they are really exciting!

See you on the other side!


Monday, 29 December 2014

What I got for Christmas

There's a lot of controversy with these blog posts as some see it as boasting and some read into what's been bought and all sorts of silly drama starts up. 

But I personally love reading these posts and I wanted to share a few of the bits I was treated to.

Firstly as a sort-of disclaimer, I am in no way boasting about what I have. you might like something I have been given and want to purchase it for yourself. 
I am very lucky to be treated by my friends and family and I appreciate everything I've been given. I don't expect anything for Christmas, spending time with my wonderful family is enough for me, but I know my partner Sam especially likes to thank me for looking after our family during the year and treat me to a few things at Christmas time. We all work very hard though out the year, whether it's in a paid job or by keeping our family together and strong -everyone deserves a little break and a treat here and there. So here's a little looks at some of the things I was given...


We were also given this great Sergeant Peppermill. Great isn't it? 


The most thoughtful gift was from my amazing best friend who put together a memory book of all the great things we did this year, it is actually stunning and the time and effort that's gone into it is absolutely incredible. It's so lovely to look back on. She got me a chocolate shoe from Cadbury World too which made my day as I missed them when Cadbury were selling the chocolate shoes in Covent Garden for a couple of days earlier in the year. 


I didn't waste any time and started to wear in these beautiful shoes from Sam straight away. I've been saying I need a simple closed-toe pair of black heels for ages and I like my shoes to be long lasting so I tend to spend a little more on them as I get a lot of wear out of my heels so Carvela is a great place to start. These will go with everything and at least I can wear tights with them with the weather getting colder. Though I think the PJ's and socks add a certain something!


 Sam also got me a camera which I really wasn't expecting, it connects to Wifi so can upload straight to social media and stuff and it's white and pretty and I'm so happy with it! 

He also got me some Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Lip protectant and MAC's Creme Cup which has been on my wish list for a while. He picked up Kenzo Flower at the airport when he was working in Demark last month. It smells lovely too so it was a good choice. I have a little black travelo to go with it so I can carry it around with me too. 

My parents got me Dior Addict which is the perfume I've worn for years along with some Forego Rochets and some bamboo socks which are so soft! I actually really like getting socks and Christmas and I'm really seeing the benefits in spending more money on things like socks.

My brother and his girlfriend got me the Friends box set which I am so pleased with. My family can quote a ridiculous amount of Friends and a lot of it goes over Sams head so we've been meaning to watch all of the series so he can join us in being Friends nerds! It has a load of bonus features and deleted scenes which I imagine are great to watch. This is going to get us through a dull January I'm sure! They also got me some an Alice in Wonderland mirror and note paper which are almost too cute to use!

My other brother left his Christmas shopping to Christmas eve and panicked but still got us a great voucher so we could go out to dinner which we love to do -an excellent last minute gift!

A good friend of mine got me some more Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish which is great timing as mine is running out.


The day wasn't about the presents. It was Masons first proper Christmas where he started to understand it all so that was really lovely. We had such an amazing day at my parents, and I'm feeling so lucky to have such an incredible family. 

But basically I'm so easy to buy for, when in doubt, heels, perfume and restaurant vouchers! You just can't go wrong!

If you have done a Christmas present post let me know in the comments! I'd love to have a nose!


Friday, 26 December 2014

Christmas Tag 2014

I first saw this tag on Jenny's blog and have had it saved for a while. What a better time to post a Christmas Tag than Boxing Day?! (in all honesty I meant to post this on Christmas eve but I completely forgot! -oops!)

He's a bit of an insight into what Christmas is like at my place....

1. What is your favourite Christmas Movie? 
Muppets Christmas carol has been my favourite for years. I can't help but smile when it's on -apart from the tiny Tim bit, I'm not an animal! That's closely followed by home alone 2, I think that film alone is why most people from my generation want to visit New York! Look who's talking now is another great one.

2. Do you open your Christmas Presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?
Christmas Day! Christmas Eve Sam goes out and I stay in and wrap presets and get everything sorted for the morning. I love opening presents as a family. Although it's a lot more about Mason this year I make sure Sam and I still don't lose that Christmas feeling so we've got a lot of presents to open along with Mason. That way I can try and get Mason excited about giving presents to family as well as receiving them himself.

3. Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?
A few years back I spent all of Christmas Day going between different members of my then-boyfriends family. It was my first proper time away from my family for Christmas. The last stop of the day was back to my Mums at about 9pm for drinks. My brothers and I all have stockings of presents from our parents which we always open together and my bothers had waited for me to get there before they opened theirs. It was really lovely and completely unexpected that they'd waited for us all to do it together.

4. What is your favourite festive food?
It's all about the Christmas dinner. I'm a big fan of veg and proper home cooked food. My Mum does a roast almost every weekend that isn't far off what she does at Christmas and it's amazing. We always have such a laugh sat around the table together too.

5. What tops your tree? 
Tinker bell 

6. As a kid, what was the one crazy, wild, extravagant gift you asked for but never received?
I was very lucky and always got what I asked for. I think that's because I kept it realistic. I never wanted ponies or unicorns or anything.

7. Do you prefer a real tree or synthetic? 
Synthetic as I can move the branches to where I want them. 

8. What's your favourite scheme for decorating a tree? 
There's no scheme. Every year we buy a new decoration that means something and it gets added. There's all sorts on there. Disney ones, Muppets, little wooden puppets, a cat, personalised picture ones...
There's a stocking with lovely things about me that we all wrote for each other at my last job. I love reading them each time I get the decorations out. It's really nice going over old memories. I like that when one day Mason makes us a decoration at school it can be added without spoiling any scheme and we can look back at our decorations when we get them out. 

9. Giving or receiving?
 *soppy answer alert*
Giving means a lot more to me. I put a lot of thought into what I get people and I love seeing their faces when they open my presents. I don't like to get things that people are expecting or are off a list. I really like the satisfaction of getting a gift right and really making the person happy. 

10. Christmas Day fashion?
I like to dress up. We all do, the boys are in shirts... sometimes suits/tuxes/bow ties. Everyone has always made an effort on Christmas day. 

11. What's your favourite Christmas song? 
'Merry Christmas Everyone' by Shakin Stevens. My mum is a huge Shaky fan so I've grown up listening to him. I love Whams 'Last Christmas' too and Micheal Bubles version of 'All I want for Christmas is you brings a tear to my eye, it's so lovely.

12. Christmas cards or texts? 
Cards! I'm really into cards, I make a lot of my own and I always like to put proper messages in them too. I hate 'To Jenn, Love... Norman' cards it's like there's no thought gone into that at all. The same can be said for texts, it's very obvious when you've bee sent the same 'Merry Christmas, thanks for the present' text as 30 other people. I know we're all busy on Christmas day so even if it ends up being late in the evening I make sure any texts I send are personal.

I tag anyone who wants to do this!

Merry Christmas Everyone!



Christmas Nails


Just a quick post today about my Christmas nails. As you can tell I got a bit indecisive and went for a few designs. I can never just stick to one thing!

I had a little practise, I used GOSH 'Greed' on my little finger, GOSH 'Frosted Rose' on the ring finger, then my middle finger has Essie 'Borrowed and Blue' as the base with Revlon Shiny Matte nail pen to draw on the snowflake which was actually easier than it looks! My index finger is China Glaze 'Bing Cherry' with a Models Own white nail art pen to draw on the candy cane stripes and my thumb is my favourite with the beautiful GOSH 'Stardust' on top of Models Own 'Coconut Cream' with Barry M Black nail pen to draw on the ribbon.


I decided the blues and glitters looked nicest together and created a more frosted effect together. I recommend using a clear coat over the black  Barry M pen as it rubs off easily ( I had to reapply which was a pain!)

I hope you're all having a lovely Christmas break!


Tuesday, 23 December 2014

The Christmas Decorations are up!

...In all honestly, the decorations have been up a little while now, but I've had no Internet so blogging has taken a bit of a back seat while I waited to get reconnected -long story short, don't use TalkTalk!


I'm not one of those people who have their decorations up in November and have got all their shopping done in the first week of December. I don't really think about Christmas til the last month of the year -call me crazy! I guess I like keeping my birthday month for my birthday and then in December we can go all out!

But I'm by no means a scrooge! I love Christmas and everything about it -I just like the magic to be short lived so it's more special to me. My favourite thing about Christmas is catching up with all of our family, any excuse to be around people I love can only be a good thing.

I put my decorations up last weekend, a mere 11 days before Christmas and my decorations are far from textbook! Nothing matches, I don't go for colour scheme or theme. But the decorations on my tree have meaning. We buy a new one every year and make it a symbol of something that happened that year. 


Last year we moved into our flat so we bought a hanging door ornament with the year on it. This year we bought a wooden star from Wilkos as we have always called Mason our little star, and he loves the song 'when you wish upon a star' from Pinocchio. We've written his date of birth on it as we didn't get an ornament with the date on the year he was born so it makes up for that. 

I'm a big Disney fan so there's a few Disney ones on there which were from Disneyland, My Alice in wonderland one was from a year where I had an Alice themed house warming party when Sam moved in with me. Of course there's some that we just liked and thought were cute that are on there too.  I like that so many of my decorations tell a story and I look forward to adding more as Mason grows up and makes me some to add to it! Marks and Spencer and Wikos are really great places to get decorations.


We have Mason jars dotted around the house for obvious reasons and I decided to fill one with battery operated lights which I think looks so pretty!


I have a few new additions to the room, this Reindeer Decoration*, I discovered a random snow globe in a box (don't you love it when that happens?!) and I've put some fairy lights around the canvases which look so cute I almost want to keep them there all year! 


Now that our criminal neighbour has gone I feel safe enough having a pretty Wreath * on the outside of our door, it makes a lovely jingle noise when the door opens too!

I stored away a load of Christmas scented Yankee Candle Wax tarts from last year when Sam spoilt me with loads more than I could possibly burn so we've got some great scents to go through to make everything feel really Christmassy! I'm loving 'Christmas Eve' at the moment, it's lovely!


I keep my Xmas decorations all in a box that is wrapped in gift wrap, then when it's empty it lives under the tree and looks like an extra present, it saves storing an empty box while the decorations are up. It's something I'm very proud of as I think it is genius!

What are your decorations like? What do you put them up?

Is your tree immaculate of a complete lovable mess like mine?

*these particular products were kindly gifted to me but all thoughts are my own


Thursday, 18 December 2014

Cocoa Brown Bronzed and Beautiful Gift Set

One thing that can be a bit hit-and-miss at Christmas is gift sets, sometimes you love them but a lot of the time they are left in the corner of your room  for a good few months until you run out of shower gel or something.

However, if a little thought goes into it it can be seen as something brilliant instead of something picked up last minute.

For the tan lover The Bronzed and Beautiful set by Cocoa Brown is brilliant. I find usually there’s at least one product in a set hat will never get used but I’d use all 3 of these as they’re so brilliant.

Irish beauty brand Cocoa Brown have been really popular this year, with their striking pink packaging and excellent yet really affordable tanning range, it’s unlikely you meet someone who hasn’t tried them out.


I first tried out the 1 hour dark mousse and I seriously loved it, I used it constantly throughout the Summer so this gift set is right up my street. With 3 products worth £16 for £9.99 you’re getting serious value for money.


Inside the girly pink box there’s 3 full size Cocoa Brown products, including 1 hour tan, Gentle Bronze Gradual Tanner, and a sachet of Tough Stuff Body Scrub.

I’ve wanted to try out the Tough Stuff Body Scrub for a while now, and after using the sachet I’ll definitely be picking up a full sized bottle. The pink scrub removes stubborn dry skin more commonly associated with this current winter season and prepares your skin for smooth base for tanning. It also scrubs off old tan when it’s time to reapply. The 50ml sachet lasted me a couple of washes so a little goes a long way and it really does scrub away everything effortlessly.


Another product that wowed me was the Cocoa Brown Gentle Bronze Gradual Tanner It builds up to a lovely even colour  which is really natural. It left my skin feeling really moisturised too and the best bit was that it didn’t have that have that 'gradual tan' smell either.


The third item in the set is the Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan While it’s a really great tan and gives a natural even finish it just wasn’t dark enough for me. But it develops quickly and leaves you with a really natural glow so if you’re after something a bit more subtle this is definitely for you.


If you’re stuck for a gift idea I really recommend picking this up, it’s perfect for all ages and is great value too.

Cocoa Brown Bronzed and Beautiful Gift Set is available online at Cloud 10 Beauty and is on offer at the moment too!

*I was kindly gifted this set but as always all thoughts are my own