Saturday, 15 November 2014

The Best Bit of Autumn

Sykes Cottages got in touch asking bloggers what their best bits of Autumn were for a chance to win £400 John Lewis vouchers in their competition. It was perfect timing really because it's in the last week I had a complete revelation...

I'm a total Summer girl, give me beaches, parks and picnics over walks in the rain any day. I've never been a huge fan of the colder months, come September I'm mourning the loss of Summer and I tend to hibernate until the sun makes an appearance again. 

But since having my son I've been trying to embrace this time of year. A two year old just doesn't want to sit in when there's a whole world outside to see, no matter what the weather -and it's a nice way of life to take on for yourself!


It's been lovely taking him out for walks and generally exploring the world around him. After an afternoon out I always have a load of brilliant pictures on my phone with colourful leaves and my sons flushed cheeks beaming back at me. It makes it all seem worth bracing the cold... and thankfully at the moment it's not 'that' cold yet! 

There seems to be more excitement around every corner and everything just makes him smile, which in turn makes me smile! A squirrel running up a tree, a massive pile of leaves to play in or a great big puddle to splash around in. He's made me see Autumn in a much more positive light. 

Coming home after our Autumn walk we through our wellies down, I heat up some soup, cut up some crusty bread and we snuggle down after a cheap and cheerful day out. Bliss.

In Autumn we have bonfire night, several family birthdays, and I get to start cooking warm meals like stews and big roast dinners (yummy!). I also get to wear my favourite knee high boots and fluffy scarves. All the good bad reality tv starts up and then it's just the count down to Christmas! 

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  1. It's so cute that you've been able to appreciate more of Autumn since having your son. I've always been more of a fall/winter person over summer but that's because of a compilation of things including style.

    1. I'm the same with winter time, I just can't dress right for it!