Thursday, 27 November 2014

Cosy Cashmere Socks

 I'm not one for wearing layers, I've never been that 'cosy' person who loves big fluffy jumpers. On a winters evening you'll find me in shorts with the heating on - or when I'm feeling less lazy I just nip around the house and do some tidying and hoovering and I soon warm up. I move around too much to get cold.


But when I'm doing that 'snuggling thing' a pair of warm socks make all the difference. A good quality pair are going to last a long time and will make me warm throughout. Basically when my feet are warm, the rest of me is warm.


These  Dore Dore Douceur Merino Wool, Viscose And Cashmere Socks From Luxury Legs are perfect for keeping me warm and are a lovely bight colour too so they don't just feel like 'boring socks'. I don't think there's ever been a year that someone in my family isn't bought socks for Christmas and something with a luxury feel to them like this is a great idea -although tempting to get Santa themed socks, they don't really feel right throughout the year. I wore mistletoe socks in May and I felt like such a rebel!

Dore Dore are a french brand that go way back to the 1800's and the socks are made in Italy. They keep my feet really warm without making them stuffy or feeling completly covered in heavy fabric, they're extremely lightweight considering how well they warm up my toes! 

£23 for a pair of socks might seem a bit pricey and they aren't exactly ones you'd buy loads of pairs of, but they are they are brilliant if you're after a good quality gift. If you know someone who is outside a lot or does a lot of walking, these would be a perfect little treat, throw in a foot cream too and you're sorted!

They are also packaged in a lovely gift bag so they look a little more special too. 


These will actually be socks that are appreciated as the quality is great, and they are so soft and comfortable! If you're stuck for a gift... everyone always needs socks... right? 


*These were kindly gifted to me but as always all thoughts are 100% my own.



  1. These look gorgeous, I have an obsession with cashmere socks so I'll definitely check these out! Thanks for sharing! x

  2. Nice review. I also reviewed the Doré Doré Evolution Men's Harlequin Reinforced Merino Wool Socks for Luxury Legs on my Hosiery For Men blog.