Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Wilko Premium brushes -a Real Techniques dupe?

Wilko have really upped their game lately, there was a time when I would only go in there for cleaning supplies and the odd ring binder or notebook!
Now they have so many beauty brands in store and for amazing prices too.


Recently they've added their own premium make-up brush range and with their  black and gold handle I couldn't help but notice they were similar looking to the Real Techniques brushes that we all know and love - but at a fraction of the price.

Let's get the obvious point out of the way here -what a bargain! The brushes in this range are £3-£4! Absolutely amazing.

Similar to some of the RT brushes these have a flat base so you can stand them up if you so wish -I never do but hey, it's nice to have the option!
The cruelty-free synthetic bristles are lovely and soft and the names of each brush is written on the handle in case you aren't too sure what it's for.


Wilko Premium Smokey Eye Duo Brush* £3

The smokey eye duo brush is a really good idea, making it nice and easy to create a smokey eye without fiddling around for different brushes. One end is great for blending and the other can apply to the corners and the crease or along the lash line.

Wilko Premium Blusher brush* £3

The blusher brush has finer bristles for a softer feel. I found this best for powder or bronzer and not for it's main purpose (blusher) but who was I to ever stick to rules? I just prefer my blusher to be in more of one place and these bristles splay out a little more that I'd like for a blush. But for something that's covering more of the face it's great and makes the process very quick indeed. And it's so so soft!

Wilko Premium Eyeliner Brush* £3

The eyeliner brush is my favourite of the brushes. I find this perfect for getting eyeliner on in a straight line. I've used it on my brows too as it gives such a precise application. It's also great for applying a little eyeshadow under the eye. The bristles are packed nicely together so it does the job brilliantly! 

Wilko Premium Egg Shape make-up Sponge £3

I had to pick this up as I've wanted to give a make-up sponge a try for a while. Similar to the Beauty Blender the expert egg shaped make-up sponge is used to achieve a natural and even finish. It works best with cream foundation to beautifully blend across your skin.

This was great for getting into the hard to reach areas such as around the nose and under the eyes but to be honest it didn't do a lot for me. I think for a lighter coverage it would be great but it didn't cover enough of my imperfections when I used it. If you've got great skin it will probably be better for you. I think as it's been so long since I used a sponge to apply make-up I'm just more used to brushes now!


I found these to be great quality for the money, they look great and are a great budget brush. They won't replace my Real Techniques but I'll definitely be on the look out for more of these as back up brushes to add to my collection. 

Good work Wilkos! From now on I'll stop by the beauty section on my way to picking up bleach and fabric softener!

*these particular products were kindly set to me for review purposes but as always all opinions are 100% my own.



  1. These sound really good, they do look like spot on dupes too! I'll definitely pick some up as back ups when I can't be bothered to wash mine :)

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  2. they do indeed look very real techniques! glad you like them :)

    check out my blog, if you have time

    1. A brush that good for that price is too good to miss! Thanks for your comment.

  3. Every time I go into my Wilkinson's to look at these they are always sold out!! Would really like to get my hands on them to give them a try after this! Great post xxx

    emily x | emily’s beauty blog

    1. yea they sell out quick! Definitely grab a couple when you can.

  4. I was walking through wilkos the other day and had to do a double take as I had no idea they were selling real technique brushes and then I saw they were wilko brand lol.
    Very convincing dupes!


    x x

    1. they do look very similar, they're great for the price too!

  5. I had a good old look around Wilko a few weeks ago and they had some pretty good stuff in there, I was surprised x

  6. I got the powder brush and love it, so soft. Need to pick up some of the others
    Beth x
    Mermaid in Disguise