Monday, 27 October 2014

Bourjois #24HRPartyReady Event

I was so excited to see an invite pop into my inbox from Bourjois asking me to attend their 24hr Party Ready Event to show us some of their new releases in time for Christmas. I went to their Summer Party earlier this year and it was amazing, it was really great to hear that GHD were going to be joining them this time too.

I was even more excited when I found out a couple of my favourite bloggers were going to be there too. It was just what I needed. It was going to be a chance for me to finally spend some time with like-minded girls and have a look at some lovely new products!


I met up with Rachel, Danielle, Louise and Chelsey in Leicester Square and we made our way to the venue together. We walked through the St Martin Lane Hotel into a beautiful room of sparkles, flowers and of course - make-up!

We were given some really tasty cocktails, in my experience Bourjois know how to do cocktails very well indeed! and we headed off to see what lovely treats Bourjois and GHD had in store!


I was immediately drawn to the 2 new shades of their one seconde nail polish. In time for the festive season they have 44 Grey to meet you - a gun metal grey that has such a lovely shine to it, and 45 Glitterizer - a silver glitter which is packed full of little flecks of sparkle to add over your Christmas nails. Their gorgeous red shade 11 Rouge in Style made an appearance too! It's the perfect red for Christmas time.
These polishes are great, the fan effect brush contours the curve of the nail  and makes it really easy to apply quickly with one stroke. 


Bourjois had make-up artists on hand to show us how to use the products and I was wowed by the Smoky Stories palettes. These gorgeous little palettes will make a perfect gift for someone. There's 8 shades to choose from and there's not one I wouldn't love to get in my stocking!

 Rock this khaki, I love blue, Upside brown, Over rose, Good nude, In mauve again, Ocean obsession, and Grey and night

Each palette has 3 shades and a top coat shadow with highly concentrated glitter.
They have a lovely cream-powder texture with integrated base shadow primer so you don't have to use anything else with them to keep them lasting all night.

I absolutely love this rose gold shade! The glitter in the middle  is gorgeous!


Another exciting release is the new shade of the Lipstick Rouge Edition Velvet lipsticks 09 Happy Nude Year


I imagine you've heard all about these before, I mentioned the 2 new shades they added earlier this year.  Starting with a velvety texture and drying to a matte light weight finish they claim to last 24 hours. They are perfect for those nights where you don't want to be topping up your lipstick all night and with Christmas time being all about food and parties, this little beauty is a must-have! I love these and am very excited that they have released a nude shade as it's something a little more wearable day to day.


Now, the product that excited me the most was the  volume 1 seconde ultra black mascara. I love the original version of this mascara, the results in my post just show how good it is. I've recommended it to everyone I know so to see that the new release was an ultra black version made me very happy. Offering you quick and easy volume with intense back pigments this baby also claims to last for 16 hours.


To accompany the mascara there's the ultra black mega liner which has a no smudge formula with long lasting ultra black pigments. It's also very easy to apply with angled felt tip applicator which allows you to adjust the shape and size of the flick.


The color edition 24H eyeshadows are products that have been around for a while but I am actually yet to try. These cream shadows can be applied with brush or fingers and will last 24hours without touch ups. Bourjois have released two new shades 07 Flocon d'or - a golden beige which is perfect for highlighting and 08 Marron givre - a dusky brown with a hint of gold. I can see these being make-up staples for me as I love a cream shadow.


The team from GHD were on hand to talk me through their new products, they've moved on from the straightness that we all now and love and have released 4 different curling products. I had some lovely vintage curls added to my hair with the use of the creative curl wand which stayed put til the next morning. 


I left the event with a bounce to my hair and a spring in my step, one step closer to feeling great about the people I surround myself with. I'm slowly realising there are a lot of good eggs out there! 

Oh gosh the goodies we received were amazing and I can't wait to have a little play with everything. So if there's anything you want to read a review on please let me know in the comment!

Thank you Bourjois for having me! For so many reasons :)



  1. Agree with you on that rose gold eye shadow! <3 the 24 hour ones look beaut too!

  2. Wish I was there :')
    The eye shadow's look really high end!

    1. they are so beautiful, I can't choose a favourite!

  3. I need to try the Rouge Edition Velvets and their mascaras, I've heard such amazing things x

    Jasmine // Magpie Jasmine

    1. they are both SO good! I can't recommend them enough!

  4. Replies
    1. They are definitely one of my favourites on the high street!

  5. i went to this amazing event as well, great to hear other peoples reviews on it!
    I would really appreciate it if you could take a look at my blog: as i would love to get some followers and good tips. thanks xx

  6. You lucky girl, getting to attend such fun events! I'm so happy that you're having a good time and making some quality friends. May have to pick up that new lippy too, I've been wanting a more everyday shade in that range.

    Shannon xo |

    1. Thank you, I'm really pleased that things are looking up for me.
      I really recommend that lipstick, its so long lasting and is a lovely shade!