Friday, 31 October 2014

Bourjois Grey to Meet you 1 Seconde Nail polish

I've been painting my nails almost constantly lately, there seems to be so many shades around that I just want to try. I guess after months of neons and pastels it was a nice change to embrace some Autumn shades.

Bourjois have released 11. Grey To Meet You in time for the Christmas season and it's perfect for this time of year. I tend to stick to greys and blues and add some glitter as the festive season approaches -more on that to come! It's such a lovely blue-toned grey with a hell of shine to it too.


Bourjois 1 Seconde polishes have a flat brush that is the right size and shape to cover the nail in one sweep. 


It's silicone gel texture makes the nails looks really sophisticated and you wouldn't look at it and think it's a polish for the high street at all. Not only is this quick to apply but it's fast drying too. The claim is that it has a 50 second drying time but I didn't time it .... but it was super quick! It's a polish that you really can throw on and go out of the door without any trouble.


Now like I said, I've been painting my nails every couple of days so I didn't exactly test this out for longevity but I can say after 3 days it was just as just as I applied it.

For £5.99 it's definitely a shade worth picking up.

Have you tried any of Bourjois 1 Seconde Nail polishes?


Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Wilko Premium brushes -a Real Techniques dupe?

Wilko have really upped their game lately, there was a time when I would only go in there for cleaning supplies and the odd ring binder or notebook!
Now they have so many beauty brands in store and for amazing prices too.


Recently they've added their own premium make-up brush range and with their  black and gold handle I couldn't help but notice they were similar looking to the Real Techniques brushes that we all know and love - but at a fraction of the price.

Let's get the obvious point out of the way here -what a bargain! The brushes in this range are £3-£4! Absolutely amazing.

Similar to some of the RT brushes these have a flat base so you can stand them up if you so wish -I never do but hey, it's nice to have the option!
The cruelty-free synthetic bristles are lovely and soft and the names of each brush is written on the handle in case you aren't too sure what it's for.


Wilko Premium Smokey Eye Duo Brush* £3

The smokey eye duo brush is a really good idea, making it nice and easy to create a smokey eye without fiddling around for different brushes. One end is great for blending and the other can apply to the corners and the crease or along the lash line.

Wilko Premium Blusher brush* £3

The blusher brush has finer bristles for a softer feel. I found this best for powder or bronzer and not for it's main purpose (blusher) but who was I to ever stick to rules? I just prefer my blusher to be in more of one place and these bristles splay out a little more that I'd like for a blush. But for something that's covering more of the face it's great and makes the process very quick indeed. And it's so so soft!

Wilko Premium Eyeliner Brush* £3

The eyeliner brush is my favourite of the brushes. I find this perfect for getting eyeliner on in a straight line. I've used it on my brows too as it gives such a precise application. It's also great for applying a little eyeshadow under the eye. The bristles are packed nicely together so it does the job brilliantly! 

Wilko Premium Egg Shape make-up Sponge £3

I had to pick this up as I've wanted to give a make-up sponge a try for a while. Similar to the Beauty Blender the expert egg shaped make-up sponge is used to achieve a natural and even finish. It works best with cream foundation to beautifully blend across your skin.

This was great for getting into the hard to reach areas such as around the nose and under the eyes but to be honest it didn't do a lot for me. I think for a lighter coverage it would be great but it didn't cover enough of my imperfections when I used it. If you've got great skin it will probably be better for you. I think as it's been so long since I used a sponge to apply make-up I'm just more used to brushes now!


I found these to be great quality for the money, they look great and are a great budget brush. They won't replace my Real Techniques but I'll definitely be on the look out for more of these as back up brushes to add to my collection. 

Good work Wilkos! From now on I'll stop by the beauty section on my way to picking up bleach and fabric softener!

*these particular products were kindly set to me for review purposes but as always all opinions are 100% my own.


Monday, 27 October 2014

Bourjois #24HRPartyReady Event

I was so excited to see an invite pop into my inbox from Bourjois asking me to attend their 24hr Party Ready Event to show us some of their new releases in time for Christmas. I went to their Summer Party earlier this year and it was amazing, it was really great to hear that GHD were going to be joining them this time too.

I was even more excited when I found out a couple of my favourite bloggers were going to be there too. It was just what I needed. It was going to be a chance for me to finally spend some time with like-minded girls and have a look at some lovely new products!


I met up with Rachel, Danielle, Louise and Chelsey in Leicester Square and we made our way to the venue together. We walked through the St Martin Lane Hotel into a beautiful room of sparkles, flowers and of course - make-up!

We were given some really tasty cocktails, in my experience Bourjois know how to do cocktails very well indeed! and we headed off to see what lovely treats Bourjois and GHD had in store!


I was immediately drawn to the 2 new shades of their one seconde nail polish. In time for the festive season they have 44 Grey to meet you - a gun metal grey that has such a lovely shine to it, and 45 Glitterizer - a silver glitter which is packed full of little flecks of sparkle to add over your Christmas nails. Their gorgeous red shade 11 Rouge in Style made an appearance too! It's the perfect red for Christmas time.
These polishes are great, the fan effect brush contours the curve of the nail  and makes it really easy to apply quickly with one stroke. 


Bourjois had make-up artists on hand to show us how to use the products and I was wowed by the Smoky Stories palettes. These gorgeous little palettes will make a perfect gift for someone. There's 8 shades to choose from and there's not one I wouldn't love to get in my stocking!

 Rock this khaki, I love blue, Upside brown, Over rose, Good nude, In mauve again, Ocean obsession, and Grey and night

Each palette has 3 shades and a top coat shadow with highly concentrated glitter.
They have a lovely cream-powder texture with integrated base shadow primer so you don't have to use anything else with them to keep them lasting all night.

I absolutely love this rose gold shade! The glitter in the middle  is gorgeous!


Another exciting release is the new shade of the Lipstick Rouge Edition Velvet lipsticks 09 Happy Nude Year


I imagine you've heard all about these before, I mentioned the 2 new shades they added earlier this year.  Starting with a velvety texture and drying to a matte light weight finish they claim to last 24 hours. They are perfect for those nights where you don't want to be topping up your lipstick all night and with Christmas time being all about food and parties, this little beauty is a must-have! I love these and am very excited that they have released a nude shade as it's something a little more wearable day to day.


Now, the product that excited me the most was the  volume 1 seconde ultra black mascara. I love the original version of this mascara, the results in my post just show how good it is. I've recommended it to everyone I know so to see that the new release was an ultra black version made me very happy. Offering you quick and easy volume with intense back pigments this baby also claims to last for 16 hours.


To accompany the mascara there's the ultra black mega liner which has a no smudge formula with long lasting ultra black pigments. It's also very easy to apply with angled felt tip applicator which allows you to adjust the shape and size of the flick.


The color edition 24H eyeshadows are products that have been around for a while but I am actually yet to try. These cream shadows can be applied with brush or fingers and will last 24hours without touch ups. Bourjois have released two new shades 07 Flocon d'or - a golden beige which is perfect for highlighting and 08 Marron givre - a dusky brown with a hint of gold. I can see these being make-up staples for me as I love a cream shadow.


The team from GHD were on hand to talk me through their new products, they've moved on from the straightness that we all now and love and have released 4 different curling products. I had some lovely vintage curls added to my hair with the use of the creative curl wand which stayed put til the next morning. 


I left the event with a bounce to my hair and a spring in my step, one step closer to feeling great about the people I surround myself with. I'm slowly realising there are a lot of good eggs out there! 

Oh gosh the goodies we received were amazing and I can't wait to have a little play with everything. So if there's anything you want to read a review on please let me know in the comment!

Thank you Bourjois for having me! For so many reasons :)


Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Barry M Nail Paint - Nightshade

I love when you pick up a product that you didn't plan on and then unexpectedly fall in love with it. 


It always seems to happen when I pick up an extra product because of an offer - it's my excuse to continue to take advantage of them!

I popped into Superdrug the other day as I needed a new clear nail polish and I'd heard that Barry M's basecoat, topcoat and nail hardener was pretty good and for £2.99 it was worth a try. When I saw that there was a buy one get one free offer I started to look through the racks for my extra little treat! £2.99 for 2 polishes is something I can't say no to! Some may say it's lack of will power, some may say it's just sensible shopping - I choose the latter!

Barry M have released 3 new shades of their nail paints for Autumn. Vintage Violet - a pale plum, Ballerina -a dusky pink and Nightshade which is a very dark purple.


I love navy and black for the colder months so I thought I’d go for something similar and decided on the gorgeously vampy Nightshade Nail Paint. 

It's such a deep purple that looks black at first but the purple tones are really apparent when the light hits it. I absolutely love it and I can't stop looking at my nails! 


It's really shiny too, even without a top coat it has a gorgeous gloss to it and it makes nails look really sophisticated. For 2.99 it's a complete bargain! 
I'm loving the Autumn nail shades around at the moment, I bought a couple of Max Factor Glossfinity ones a while back and they are lovely too. It seems I might be happy without my pastel nails after all!

Have you tried any of the new Barry M shades?


Sunday, 19 October 2014

Skinny Tan Gradual Tanner

I love to have a tan, I personally think I look better with one and even in the Winter I like to keep it up. I usually use a tanning mousse but sometimes after a hectic day  I just want to crash out and sit still for a bit. The last thing I need is an all over scrub when rub down with a tanning mitt followed by yells of "don't touch me I've got fresh tan on!" 

When I just don't have the time/can't be bothered a gradual tan is the perfect answer. Just using it instead of my usual moisturiser gives me a lovely glow to keep me going till my next big tanning session. It's great for this time of year too as gradual tans generally offer a more subtle glow. I was sent out the Skinny Tan Gradual Tanner to try.


Skinny Tan is a lesser known brand from Australia and they feature cellulite reducing ingredients in their products.They contain guarana which is a derivative of caffeine and has properties which improves the appearance of the skin and visibly tones. 

The thing I noticed first was how moisturising it felt, it's really thick and creamy. It's thicker than any tan or moisturiser I've used, which was a bit daunting at first, I thought it would be tough to rub in but it sinks into the skin nicely.


As it's so thick you only need to use a little bit at a time, a little really does go a long way. It soaks in pretty instantly and has a soft coconut scent.

Always remember to wash your hands after applying as it will start to gradually tan the palms too and nobody wants that. Using one of their incredibly soft tanning mitts is a great option too if you want to be very careful.

After 6 hours or so I had a natural subtle glow that I built up over a few days by applying it straight after my shower in the morning. It would be enough with just one application but I personally prefer a deeper tan.

 My skin was incredibly soft too, I would actually use this even if it wasn't a tanner, it made my skin feel so nourished and it's such a pleasure to rub it in and feel like it's giving my skin so much goodness. 


Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Ways to Soothe Achy Feet

We've all suffered from achy feet at some point in our lives, busy days out, long walks, working in retail, a days shopping or a night out in heels you haven't broken in yet -they can all result in your feet aching and with you needing a treat. Even though our feet are nicely tucked away from prying eyes in winter it doesn't mean we should forget about them.

Superdrug have a couple of products available to help you out. Whether you are aching all over after a long day or if you just want to give yourself a bit of a pamper. Treating your feet is a lovely addition to a pamper evening, with these bits you can do it in your own home - you don't have to go for a pedicure.

Run yourself a bath, wind down and relax and give your feet a good scrubbing with the 
Exfoliating foot scrub (£3.49). It will get your blood flowing and smooth out any rough skin. Concentrate most on the balls of your feet and the heels and massage in with circular motions to remove dead skin. When you're done just rinse it off and pat dry. 
The jojoba seed oil and aloe vera helps to soften leaving you with lovely smooth feet.

After you've dried off moisturise your feet with the Intensive Foot cream (£3.49). If you really want to treat yourself I recommend asking your partner to do this for you. I'm a massive fan of a foot massage! I'm often treating Sam to a foot rub after he's been at work and I know how much he loves it and it's lovely when he returns the favour! It has aloe vera to sooth and vitamin b5 to condition which leaves them feeling really soft. The smell is really soothing too. Even if applying it yourself it's a lovely treat massaging it in after a long day.


Applying the comfort insoles (£1.99) to your shoes cushions your feet and helps take the pressure off from standing all day.

couldn't recommend these little insoles more. To be honest it's something I have never thought about buying. But trust me, these little babies made all the difference to a pair of shoes that used to leave me aching. 
You simply cut them to size, there is an outline for men and women and it goes from size 2 to size 12 so it covers pretty much all bases. 

It has two foam layers, one soft layer to cushion your feet and firmer bottom layer to absorb shocks. I felt like I was wearing slippers! It seriously made my shoes more comfortable. 

They also contain a built in deodorant which is always helpful in shoes you've been wearing all day. They also do a fleecy version which sound incredibly cosy for winter boots!

You can save 1/3 on all of these at the moment making them a really affordable treat! 

Is treating your feet part of your pampering routine?

I was kindly sent these for review but all thoughts are my own


Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Maybelline Color Drama lipstick pencil

I've been loving all of the new lip products that have been released lately. We've come a long way from the traditional lipstick with the releases of liquid lipsticks and twist-up crayons.


I was buying my Mum a birthday present and I saw an offer that meant I got another Maybelline product 1/2 price. I couldn't not pick up something for myself! When the product was only £4.99 at full price, making it £2.48 it would be rude not to! So I treated myself to a Maybelline Color Drama Lipstick pencil in the shade 630 Nude Perfection

I'm so glad I picked it up. The color drama lipstick looks more like a giant eyeliner pencil. You sharpen it rather than the chubby sticks/matte balms that have recently been on the market which twist up. I'm thinking it was to save on packaging and this way your lipstick is more affordable as you're not paying for a plastic casing and twist up mechanism. This will also keep the pointed tip too which I found difficult with the twist up versions.

 They've kept it very simple. They describe it as an intense velvet lip pencil -which is a perfect description given the great colour pay-off and soft consistency. It's really creamy and the pointed tip makes it easy to be precise. I found it stayed on a good few hours without smudging at all.


My lips are really dry at the moment so I had lib balm on underneath and didn't find that a problem, maybe on it's own it would cling slightly to dry patches but a lip balm solves that.

I love the colour,  it's great for everyday but you still look 'done' if you wore it on a night out. It sways a little towards the darker 90's trend lip without being too bold and it has a semi-matte finish. I'm really excited to try some brighter colours!


I love it and I'm definitely going to be picking up more shades.

Have you tried these yet?