Thursday, 18 September 2014

Fight those dark days

I've been trying to keep positive lately, sometimes it's hard to do as things around us can make this really tough and the bad weather doesn't help either. My mood is really affected by the weather. I've come up with a few little ways to help with feeling good that I wanted to share. Just one or two of these things can really make a difference to your day. 

Don't you love when someone smiles at you as they walk past? Just a friendly hello or nod  to thank you for letting them past of something. Just smile in general, everything looks so much nicer when everyone is smiling.

Don't compare yourself to others
It's never healthy to try and be someone else. What you see of others might not be the full picture. If you think someone has more money than you, don't let it make you jealous or get you down, they might be working all hours and never seeing their family. The person you want to be might actually kill to swap lives with you! Focus on what you have rather than what you're lacking. 

Take opinions with a pinch of salt
If someone has a different view to you let them have it. It shouldn't bother you. I see stupid arguments online and people getting really irate just over a difference of opinion. You disagree on something, so what? Wouldn't it be boring if we were all the same? And don't take things personally, ignore passive aggressive things online -it probably isn't about you. If you are unhappy about something, tell the person it concerns, not everyone else but them.


Think of positives about people
I used to know a group of people that never said a nice thing about one and other. When one of the group would leave somewhere there would always be comments of "Did you see her eyebrows? What was she wearing?!" It's not nice be around such negativity. It's also very easy to get sucked in and become negative yourself. I love that my friends and I always have something nice to say about/to each other. Even if I was forced to I wouldn't be able to say anything bad about my friends. Thinking positively gives you a positive outlook.

Don't bottle things up.
Get things off your chest, whether on your blog, on a forum, to your friend or to a professional it helps to talk. Or just write your thoughts down. Running away from your problems won't solve them. Things need tackling head on. In the real world we can't just 'block' and move on, things aren't that simple and the problem will always be there a the back of your mind.

Don't belittle someone. If they are trying to lose weight, learn something new or improve themselves it can only be a good thing. It makes someone feel better so why mock it? If you don't understand it you don't need to. So many have said in the past  'you are so skinny, why are you working out? some cake!' and it really got to me. I hated feeling bad for taking care of myself, it's so nice to have the words of encouragement from people around me and it really helps. If you have tips or can help someone with what they're doing - do it, just word it nicely! 

Dress happy
Even if you're only popping to the shops if you feel like you're dressed nicely you hold yourself better. There's a reason office workers wear suits, they get in the role of professionalism subconsciously and it reflects in their voices on the phone. Of course slobbing out in comfortable trackies can make you happy too! Wear what makes you feel good.

Get outside

Your Nan was right, fresh air just does you the world of good. Even if it's only for half hour taking a walk, getting a change of scenery has always helped, even if it's just a little bit.

Don't be bitter, be better
Something hasn't gone your way? Work with it. You can't turn back the clock so see what you can do going forward. If plans have been cancelled ask yourself 'what can you I with that time instead?' Make something of the situation, don't waste it. 


Life can get a bit much sometimes. It's great to step back and breathe. If a situation is getting on top of you stop for a minute and think -does this really matter? How will this affect my life? Take some deep breaths and move on.


Work out
Exercise releases lovely happy endorphins, it's a known fact. If you work out in the morning it gives you a spring in your step and you can feel good that you are doing something positive for your health. Yoga stretch to feel fresh and motivated and stretch out knots you might have got while sleeping and being stressed out. 

Eat well
I've found eating better has made me feel healthier and happier. Healthy food doesn't have to be boring and finding new recipes has made me look forward to cooking dinner in the evening. I get a great sense of satisfaction when I've cooked something amazing. Eating well gives you tonnes more energy too. But also treat yourself and don't beat yourself up over 'bad food'. If it made you feel good, it's good. 

Help others
Do something for someone else. A good deed will make you feel like you've done your bit for humanity for the day. And if you believe in karma something nice will be coming your way too!

Love what you do
What ever it is you do, make sure you enjoy it. You don't want to be in a job that you dread going to, you spend approx 57% of your waking life at work, it might as well be time spent doing something you enjoy (or at least don't totally hate). 

Face your fears
Going to a blog meet up on your own can be scary but once you're there it's great to feel so independent and meet new people with the same interests. Doing something out of your comfort zone can really pay off and give you a great sense of achievement.

Talk to people you don't speak to enough. As we get older we have less time to socialise and often lose touch with friends. Make an effort to spend time with the people that make you feel good. When ever I meet up with my old work girls I always leave smiling. If you don't have time to see them just give them a call. Don't leave it to texts and Twitter conversations, it's not the same, you can't sense tone or read body language over text which is where the lines of communication gets blurred. 

Let your heart be your guide
Sometimes you just need to trust your gut, if something is making you uneasy and nothing can change it then it's not worth having around.
Anything that gets you down, weather it's a person, a job, or a course It needs to go. Only make room for positive situations in your life. Life is too short to be unhappy. It might seem hard at first, change is difficult but over time it is so worth it. If it's a person that's making you unhappy talk to them first, you owe it to them and they might not even realise they've done something to upset you and it could work itself out. Changing your course or your job could end up taking you down a path you really love and you'll be glad you made that change.

These are just a few things I got thinking about. They might not work for everyone and I'm by no means an expert but maybe try a couple and see how you get on.



  1. Oh my goodness, I totally relate to your comment about being belittled for working out and being thin. I am happy with my body and love what working out is doing for me, but having negative people constantly try to bring you down can still hurt no matter how secure you are!
    I definitely need to get out and socialize more and I've been thinking lots recently about all the people I miss from university that I definitely wish I had kept better contact with!

    1. I think it happens far too often and people seem to think it's ok!
      Thanks for your comment :)

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  3. Great post! Definitely been practicing a few of these myself over the past few months, and will continue to do so. Loved the inclusion of the statistic about work- 57% is a lot. Too much to not enjoy what you do.

    1. It really is a lot of time so it pays to choose a career wisely.

  4. I loved this post so much! You were right, we are *so* similar, I have been trying to do many of these things myself, the biggest one is thinking positive things about people. I don't think negatively of them as such but I'm always thinking 'what if they don't like me' or thinking they think badly of ME which usually (hopefully) they don't.

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches