Monday, 25 August 2014

Share a Coke

I make no secret of the fact I love personalised things -I even have a label for them on my blog! When I was younger it always seemed difficult to find something with my name on it but when I did I had to have it. 
This is why I have a collection of animal shaped badges and keyrings from various Sea Life Centres and museums cluttering up my room.


So when Coca Cola started their share a coke campaign I was excited to see what names were printed on these personalised coke bottles. Jenna isn't exactly an unusual name but it's often one that is missed with pre-printed personalised gifts. I was very happy to find my name was actually one that was chosen to be printed. The search was on and no fridge was to be left unturned until I found my name.

Don't say you weren't the same! 

It actually didn't take long and I ended up finding not only my name but my partners and sons too. Straight away the picture of my beverage was uploaded to Instagram for the world to see. The plastic bottles are still unopened on a shelf in our kitchen. Since then I have found my name a few times and with the new releases of words like Dude, Sis and Bestie I've always found buying a coke a little more fun -call me sad, but hey!


Raiding the fridges is over now as Coca Cola give you the option to order your own bottle online. I imagine many shopkeepers are ecstatic about this given the state of some shelves I've seen! This time the name is printed on the label of a glass bottle which looks a lot nicer and personally I don't feel as silly about keeping on the shelf!

I actually have a collection of limited edition coke bottles from over the years so these fit in nicely... One day I might dig them out of the loft and do a post on them.

They're great for a gift or just to have in your room. Or y'no you could be like a normal person and actually get one to drink! crazy talk!


You can order one for yourself here and they're only £1.99 a 200ml bottle so it's actually a bit of a bargain if you ask me!



  1. I don't drink coke and haven't for years so no hunting shelves for my name! Have you seen a Natasha anywhere? When I was younger I'd always see Natalie on personalised items but rarely Natasha. xx

  2. I would never find my name haha. Clara is a rare one!

    God bless,
    XO, Claire