Monday, 4 August 2014

Personalised Blogging Notebooks


One great thing about the recent lovely weather we've been having lately is being able to partake in some alfresco writing. I love just popping in to the garden to use the iPad to catch some rays, soak up that vitamin D while actually doing something productive. Why can't all jobs be taken outside?! 

If a change of scenery is what you're after, you have to move away from the comfort (and the wifi) of your own home and then the blog planning has to go back to basics. It needs to be done the old fashioned way...with a pen and paper.


I admit I'm picky when it comes to stationery, picking a diary alone is a mission in itself, it has to be the right size, there needs to be the right amount of writing space on each page, the writing can't be too small...and then there's the design on the front! 
But one thing that can seal the deal is if it is unique to me. kindly sent me a couple of notebooks to try for size and I'm already loving them. Call me self-obsessed (I won't be offended!) but if something has my name on it, I love it!
I know a few bloggers share my love of notebooks and list writing. They are so helpful for blogging and jotting down ideas when you're not at the computer or when you can't sleep and suddenly get inspired at 2am!


The website has a great selection of gifts including mugs, pens, greetings cards, notebooks and diaries. You might be wondering what the name of the site is about, well they focus on gifts for jobs that aren't usually catered for on the high street. It's quite easy to find cards for teachers but if you've ever looked for something for a midwife, gardener, ambulance worker, or anyone in the health care sector, it will prove quite difficult! But not on this website, there's loads of jobs on there, and even specialist items for people on maternity leave, for graduations, new mums/new dads and they even get as specific as 'chemistry/maths/french teacher' and gynaecologist ( never know!)

If you're looking for a leaving present, secret santa, or something to brighten up your workplace ProudtoBeA will have something for you. 

I was sent a ring bound You Beauty notebook with a great beauty product theme on the front -very appropriate for a beauty blogger I think! You can add a name up to 15 characters so it ends up saying 'Jenna You beauty' and there's 40 double side lined pages inside.


The second notebook is a more 'mature' design, yet still fun and pretty. The Dream Laugh Play A5 hardback notebook gives you  two lines of 20 characters to get creative with. I chose to have 'Jenna's Blogging Notes' on mine in a bid to get myself more organised! Inside there's 96 pages, and a page marker too so this one is a little more luxurious. I think both of these would make an excellent prize for a giveaway. 

The website has designs for all ages, including cartoons, fairies, football themes, colourful chalk board effect, and also subtle checked, polka dot and floral designs. You can be sure that everyone in your work place will be catered for. Delivery is also free which is a big plus.

There's so many gifts on the site to chose from, trust me you will be looking through it for ages!

Go on, order yourself a notebook and get blogging outside in the sunshine while it's still here!



  1. These look fab and so good for keeping all your notes together. At the moment I just have bits of paper with things written on so I could definitely do to invest in something like this :) x

    1. I'm the same! I'm hoping these will encourage me to be more organised! x

  2. These notebooks are adorable! I love cute notebooks, but I always ruin them with my rushed handwriting.

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

    1. I know what you mean, the first page is almost perfect and then from page 2 it's all over the place!

  3. How cool!!

  4. these are so beautiful! And I love the photos too hun :) xx

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