Friday, 29 August 2014

Under £10 Favourites

I have a fair share of high end products but the high street has come a long way and you can find some right gems in your local Boots and Superdrug these days. It doesn't always mean spending a fortune to find something that works.

For me I stick to high-end for things that are make-up bag staples. For bits that I chop and change from day to day like lipsticks and nail polishes, it's best to find something more affordable otherwise I'd be living off beans...


So I thought I'd share a few of my favourites that cost less than a tenner each. Naturally as I've loved a lot of these so much there are separate reviews on them so if you want a bit more detail or want to see how they look on I've added the link so you can go and have a look if you so choose.

First is the Bourjois volume 1 seconde mascara -and my GOD, do I love this?!  it's only £9.99 and is my newest mascara, it really lengthens and makes my lashes look so much fuller. I can't recommend this enough. Every time someone asks which mascara they should go for I show them this post  to see the incredible results.

GOSH are slowly becoming one of my favourite high street brands and at the moment I'm really loving their Forever Eyeshadow Sticks. They blend brilliantly and are waterproof too so they really stay put. The shade I use most is light copper which is a really wearable golden colour. These are only £5.99 each and I have a more detailed review here where you can see a few other colours available. the dark grey makes for a gorgeous smokey eye!

Everyone went wild for the Revlon lip butters and there's a good reason for it, they're moisturising with great pigmentation too. They cost £7.99 which might seem a lot for a lip balm but they are more on the lipstick end of things really. Creme Brûlée is one of my favourites as it's a nude shade so is nice and subtle for day wear. It's nice to have something that offers a little more colour than a lot of the tinted lip balms on the market. I have more details on this one in my review here.

I wasn't too fussed about the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipsticks the first time around as nothing really stood out to me. But when they released a couple more colours I really liked the look of them. 07- Nudeist is one of my favourites. It stays put practically all day and the colour is only slightly pinker than my lips making it really easy to wear but still noticeable enough to make a difference.  They're £8.99 and the fact you don't have to keep reapplying them means the last ages too. You can see the 2 newest shades here.

Beauty UK is such an underrated brand, it's really affordable and their products are great. I've been wearing their Baked Blush in 02 Rose Rouge a lot lately and it gives a lovely flush of colour to my cheeks that really lasts. It's a shade that will suit most skin tones and what's brilliant is that it's only £3.99! I've been pairing this with the
Bourjois Delice de Poudre gold bronzing powder which is a lovely addition to Bourjois' bronzing range. It has a really subtle shimmer that gives you a lovely glow that is perfect in the daytime when you don't want to look too over done. It's chocolate scented and just £7.99. You can read a little more about it here.

I've seen a bit of a mixed reaction to the Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stains but I have to say I love them, especially the range of colours. There's so much to choose from it was actually hard for me to choose a favourite shade. Cannes Crush is a pinky-coral and I found myself wearing a lot over the last couple of weeks, the shine it has gives lips a lovely fullness and the colour is gorgeous. for only £7.99 I really recommend you pick up a couple and you can choose from a couple of the colours I tried out here.

I think as a brand Barry M have come a long way! The Gelly Hi Shine nail paint range is absolutely amazing. They're only £3.99 a bottle and have an amazing colour selection. They really give a great shine and only need 1 or 2 coats. I've been loving lilac lately and it's a colour that is going into Autumn too so Prickly Pear is an excellent choice.

I find a matte finish a lot easier to wear on the lips so when Revlon brought out their matte balms I knew I would end up purchasing a couple. For me the most worn out of the lot is Elusive which is a lovely rosie pink. These are only £7.99 and Revlon always have offers too so they end up being great value for money. I bought Elusive along with a couple of others which I am wearing here.

I admit I hadn't really visited the Rimmel stand in a very long time but I picked up a bottle of their Salon Pro nail polish in Soul Session on a whim and I was so impressed I went back for a couple more shades. They're only £4.49 so it would be rude not to! I'm so impressed with the shine and I adore the versatile nude colour. You can see it in action here where I paired it with a pretty glitter.

And lastly I had to add my Real Techniques Blush Brush. It's soft and it applies just the right amount of product with no trouble at all. The tapered shape makes it really easy to blend along with the rubber handle which means you can grip it nicely. it's excellent value for money at only £9.99 and it looks pretty. It ticks every box really. 


What are your favourite affordable products? 
Have you tried any of these?


Monday, 25 August 2014

Share a Coke

I make no secret of the fact I love personalised things -I even have a label for them on my blog! When I was younger it always seemed difficult to find something with my name on it but when I did I had to have it. 
This is why I have a collection of animal shaped badges and keyrings from various Sea Life Centres and museums cluttering up my room.


So when Coca Cola started their share a coke campaign I was excited to see what names were printed on these personalised coke bottles. Jenna isn't exactly an unusual name but it's often one that is missed with pre-printed personalised gifts. I was very happy to find my name was actually one that was chosen to be printed. The search was on and no fridge was to be left unturned until I found my name.

Don't say you weren't the same! 

It actually didn't take long and I ended up finding not only my name but my partners and sons too. Straight away the picture of my beverage was uploaded to Instagram for the world to see. The plastic bottles are still unopened on a shelf in our kitchen. Since then I have found my name a few times and with the new releases of words like Dude, Sis and Bestie I've always found buying a coke a little more fun -call me sad, but hey!


Raiding the fridges is over now as Coca Cola give you the option to order your own bottle online. I imagine many shopkeepers are ecstatic about this given the state of some shelves I've seen! This time the name is printed on the label of a glass bottle which looks a lot nicer and personally I don't feel as silly about keeping on the shelf!

I actually have a collection of limited edition coke bottles from over the years so these fit in nicely... One day I might dig them out of the loft and do a post on them.

They're great for a gift or just to have in your room. Or y'no you could be like a normal person and actually get one to drink! crazy talk!


You can order one for yourself here and they're only £1.99 a 200ml bottle so it's actually a bit of a bargain if you ask me!


Sunday, 24 August 2014

Be kind online

I've had a couple of down days recently. I had my Grandads funeral and had to plan my son's birthday along with feeling like I hadn't done enough for him or given him enough presents. I felt like I hadn't been there for my Mum who had just lost her Dad. I wasn't spending enough time with my best friend who does so much for me. I was screaming behind a brave face.
 To add to all of this we have a couple of worries in our little family ourselves. I don't like to share too much of my personal life but I needed to get this out.

I wonder,  If you knew how bad things were for someone would you want to add to their problems?


You'd look at my social media accounts and you wouldn't know how I'm feeling. Yes, I have the odd rant on Twitter but you would never know the problems that I have. You look at pictures and updates and it all looks great, from picture to picture I'm having a great time. It's what goes on between the pictures and what's happening behind the screen, that's the real stuff.

What I'm trying to say through this ramble is that you can never judge how someone is feeling on the inside. If you judge someone by their social media you are getting the tiniest glimpse in to their lives. What I post online is by no means fake, but there is so much more to what's going on in my life. I imagine it's the same for others too.

I don't get paid for looking after my son, no benefits, no help with ridiculous prescription costs... nothing. Everything is out of our own pocket and we work hard. I'm not complaining at all, I love looking after our home and having the flexibility to fit work around my son's nap times. For doing this I don't feel entitled to anything, It's a privilege that we can support our family so I can be home with my son and rest where possible, I'd never ask for extra privileges on top of it. 

I haven't treated myself to new clothes in months and months. Most of the clothes I wear are way too big from when I was a size or two larger, I just get on with it. 
I had my hair done the other day, the first time in almost a year and it was because my roots were just ridiculous and my partner decided I needed a treat. I actually felt pretty uncomfortable at the thought of his money being spent on me so I went and sold a ring I never wear to pay for it. I felt terrible the whole time, that money could be spent on a treat for M or something for all of us - but I know I need to put myself first from time to time.


I'm lucky to be sent products to review and get exciting opportunities in my inbox daily. Occasionally I buy the odd thing or two from Boots but long gone are the days where I impulse buy! For example the body scrub I needed the other day  (to scrub off the tan I was wearing to try one for review) along with shower gel that was needed to replace our one, I did a lot of research while also finding vouchers online before finally passing over our money. I use O2 priority for free Cafe Nero, Tesco Reward Points  and mystery shopping for meals out, I have birthday vouchers saved up for when I want a new lipstick and of course there's those lovely Boots points! I use everything available to try and keep afloat without feeling like I'm spending unnecessarily.  

It's silly I feel the need to justify this, but I don't like the way things can look. That kind of materialistic, selfish vibe that is just not me. I never ask for a thing. I never would, I'm lucky enough to spend time with my son and get help from friends and family when I'm too weak to carry him. 

So on the outside it may seem like some people have it all, but from picture to picture, blog post to blog post you don't see what's really going on.

Just see the bigger picture and watch what you say to people, even the strongest person could be suffering on the inside and one comment at the wrong time could tip them over the edge. 

 But how can 140 characters tell you how someone is feeling on the inside? 

I've never understood the keyboard warrior thing, those people who just pick fights on the internet and always seem to have something to own about. It's just not healthy for anyone. 
We often hear about these kind of instances when it's too late. We hear people ask 'why did they think things were so bad?' Sometimes they are, and a little bit of compassion and understanding could actually save someone. You can't see someones face behind a screen, if you saw someone on the street crying would you add to their problems by going up to them and say 'love, your make up is a bit much today?' it is a horrible thing to do! You can't see how someone is feeling online so you need to watch what you type. Imagine your words were the ones that tipped someone over the edge -you wouldn't be able to live with yourself. 

On the flip side, your kind words could save someone. Good/poor timing can make a massive difference so choose wisely, stop for a minute and be kind.


Saturday, 23 August 2014

The Clever Badger Review

I admit, the name drew me in, The Clever Badger... I had no idea what the site was but I was curious. 
They are small company based in folkestone who say their main aim is 
'to supply you with beautiful stationary to make the monotony of 9-5 that little bit more bearable’ 

Their great designs which are printed on to homewares, stationary and jewellery are quirky, to say the least! There’s lots of bits and pieces such as cushions, mugs, tote bags and pencil cases - a lot with a woodland theme. The have a load of designers on board creating unique products to brighten up even the dullest office.

I’ve been having a bit of blog organisation breakdown lately –if that’s even a thing. After discovering Clever Badger I was sent the planner and notebook to help out and get my blog organised.

The planner  is by Betty Etiquette who are a London-based stationery brand whose products range from desk pads to unique greeting cards.

It’s a simple, yet attractive design splitting your week up so you can tackle tasks bit by bit. There’s 52 tear off pages so it will last you all year. I've actually found it really useful already. I find having a planner on my desk is great for me to note down bits and bobs. It’s handy to have under the keyboard to just look down at for a quick reference and remind me of what needs dong each day. Ticking off things from a list gives me great satisfaction, I even write down something I have already done just to tick it off! It starts off so neat and then by the end of the week its all squiggles. But I have good intentions!

I’ve mentioned before how I love notebooks. So much so that I have lots. All over the place …unused. I seem to like buying these things, just not actually using them, it seems! But I do love this little A5 notebook by Stormy Night. I really like the design and the notebook is double sided. On the front it has yellow light bulbs titles with 'my great ideas' and when you flip it it's the opposite with sad white bulbs with 'my rubbish ideas' So depending how positive you're feeling it's great!

 It’s printed onto 100% recycled card and has 100 pages inside. I’m going to make sure I use this one and keep in in my bag at all times! 

I've been selling a few bits on eBay lately and I've packed a few things up with this great  tape! It's got to make even the most miserable person smile -it's got a dancing pug on it! I'm not even a pug fan and I love it!


It’s brought  to you by a lovely little company called Ohh Deer who aim to bring quirky illustrations from some of the best illustrators the the general public. They create everything from greetings cards to t-shirts and make sure that the best is represented.
It’s £3.50 for 60m so there’s loads to brighten up your package (eh-hem).

There's some excellent unique gift ideas on the site so have a little look and buy a friend a treat... even if you just end up keeping it for yourself!