Thursday, 10 July 2014

New Rouge Edition Velvet Shades from Bourjois

The newest lip product from Bourjois had everyone talking. The Rouge Edition lipsticks were popular but the Velvet versions caused a storm in the blogging world. Looking a bit like a gloss but drying with a matte finish to stain the lips and provide a long wearing colour, the Rouge Edition Velvet lipsticks proved to be very very popular.


I admit while everyone was raving about these, it was a product I wasn't overly excited about. I had a little swatch and was impressed with the texture and the staying power (I still had coloured swatches on my hand at the end of the day) there just wasn't a colour that was very 'me'.

I attended the amazing Bourjois Summer party and was pleased to see they were releasing two new shades. Both shades are on the opposite end of the spectrum, a nude and a deep red, one for day to day wear and one for a vampy night-time look. Now these completely grabbed my attention!


I love anything that is low maintenance, I hate having to reapply make-up during the day so the fact that these were not only gorgeous shades but also long wearing was very appealing to me.

I love the sleek packaging, they have a really high-end feel to them and it's easy to see which colour you are grabbing out of a packed make-up bag. I much prefer it when the colour of the lipstick really jumps out, it saves me a lot of time! The doe foot applicator makes it really easy to apply and it's easy to get a straight line along the lip.

bourjois-rouge-edition-velvet-08- grand-cru-07-nudist

07 Nude-ist is a pink toned nude. It adds a little pink to your lips to give you a ‘my lips but better’ look. It is wet and creamy when you first apply it and due to the creaminess I was concerned they would be sticky and smudge all over the place but once on the lips they dry to a lovely matte finish and I actually forgot I was wearing it.


08 Grand Cru is a gorgeous deep burgundy red with pink undertones that is very 'twilight'. I'd say it's close to the Rimmel Kate Moss 107 in colour. I did find there was a tiny amount of bleeding to this one so a lip liner helps a bit but it's what I would expect with a red lippy, I would always use a lip liner anyway. It's so pigmented and completely packed with colour.


They really do last all day, I actually found they took quite a lot of effort to remove when I came to take my make-up off, that's how good they are! 

I can't say whether these last 24 hours like they claim - I don't think anyone wears make up for that long. But they sure do last! They fade evenly and are not at all drying, which I admit was a worry of mine given that they stay on the lips so long. 


Carry both of these with you and you can change a day look to night with no trouble at all, and what's best, you won't be touching up your lippy all day and night! Perfect!

These are available now and are £8.99 in Boots but £5.99 in Superdrug at the moment! 

Have you tried any of the Rouge Edition Velvet lipsticks?



  1. They are such beautiful shades, I just don't like the texture x

    1. I was worried I wouldn't but I really forget I'm even wearing them

  2. I have a couple of these from the original shade range and I really like the formula. I really like the look of both of these new shades, I'm definitely picking them up! xx

  3. I love mine, it's stayed on all day until after i ate at tea time, I love it!

  4. I have the Nude-ist one and I absolutely love it. Will definitely be picking up some other shades as well :)

  5. Gorgeous shades!

  6. Wow I love this and the colours are amazing.