Thursday, 31 July 2014

Gabbi's Head -Benefit Cosmetics Pub in London


After attending the amazing GOSH event we thought it was only right that we popped down to check out Benefit Cosmetic's girly little pub, Gabbi's Head - When in Rome, eh?!


 Situated above the Prince of Wales pub in the heart of Covent Garden it feels like a very exclusive bar for girls wanting to escape the madness of a regular pub on a Summer evening. They screened all of the World Cup matches so it was a place that was a little more  feminine to get involved in the football without burly men next to you getting angry and Steven Gerard (or someone). Though it's not exclusively 'girls only' its definitely one for the beauty-lover! And due to the popularity of this amazing pop-up bar they decided to stay open for the commonwealth games too.

Getting a bit too excited when we saw the sign hanging outside we stopped to take a few pictures while the men outside the Prince of Wales having a pint after work looked on in amazement, they just don't get it!

We walked up the staircase and the first thing we saw were the barriers which were giant tubes of their real mascara... we knew this was going to be good! 

Moving through the doors we were amazed how a regular London pub transformed into a sea of pink prettiness! The middle chair was a pink football and everything  resembled the Benefit counters we know and love. 


 Everything is pink and pretty with pink comfy sofas to relax on but also a brow bar and make-up artist at hand to let you try out some products for a small donation to the Refuge charity. There's a selection of signature cocktails such as Bene-Berry Mojitos and a great selection of bar snacks too. You basically don't need to leave.


There's even a the Foosball table and a dart board for entertainment which are also pink. Apparently the toilets are something special too but we didn't check those out -we might have to squeeze in one more visit before it shuts -any excuse!


The sound of  Eternal, Gloria Gaynor and all sorts of cheesy classics gave a good soundtrack to the bar and the staff were so friendly and enthusiastic -well who wouldn't be?!


It's open from 12pm-12am til 9th August and I'm hoping it will re-open again soon. For watching the sport or not, it's an amazing little place to go.


Have you been to Gabbi's Head?



  1. That looks so cool, but no I haven't been. I definitely should though!

    Alaina x

    1. if you get a chance you really should go and have a look!

  2. I wish I lived close enough to go, there should be one of these in every city for every football season!

    S xo.

    1. That would be a great idea! They could open a whole chain -I know they would be really popular!