Thursday, 31 July 2014

Gabbi's Head -Benefit Cosmetics Pub in London


After attending the amazing GOSH event we thought it was only right that we popped down to check out Benefit Cosmetic's girly little pub, Gabbi's Head - When in Rome, eh?!


 Situated above the Prince of Wales pub in the heart of Covent Garden it feels like a very exclusive bar for girls wanting to escape the madness of a regular pub on a Summer evening. They screened all of the World Cup matches so it was a place that was a little more  feminine to get involved in the football without burly men next to you getting angry and Steven Gerard (or someone). Though it's not exclusively 'girls only' its definitely one for the beauty-lover! And due to the popularity of this amazing pop-up bar they decided to stay open for the commonwealth games too.

Getting a bit too excited when we saw the sign hanging outside we stopped to take a few pictures while the men outside the Prince of Wales having a pint after work looked on in amazement, they just don't get it!

We walked up the staircase and the first thing we saw were the barriers which were giant tubes of their real mascara... we knew this was going to be good! 

Moving through the doors we were amazed how a regular London pub transformed into a sea of pink prettiness! The middle chair was a pink football and everything  resembled the Benefit counters we know and love. 


 Everything is pink and pretty with pink comfy sofas to relax on but also a brow bar and make-up artist at hand to let you try out some products for a small donation to the Refuge charity. There's a selection of signature cocktails such as Bene-Berry Mojitos and a great selection of bar snacks too. You basically don't need to leave.


There's even a the Foosball table and a dart board for entertainment which are also pink. Apparently the toilets are something special too but we didn't check those out -we might have to squeeze in one more visit before it shuts -any excuse!


The sound of  Eternal, Gloria Gaynor and all sorts of cheesy classics gave a good soundtrack to the bar and the staff were so friendly and enthusiastic -well who wouldn't be?!


It's open from 12pm-12am til 9th August and I'm hoping it will re-open again soon. For watching the sport or not, it's an amazing little place to go.


Have you been to Gabbi's Head?


GOSH A/W 2014 Event


On a lovely sunny Tuesday evening I took a stroll down to the  beautiful Sanderson Hotel to attend the GOSH event that was showcasing their new products for this autumn/winter. 


We were treated to some lovely glasses of fizz and gorgeous canap├ęs beautifully displayed on cake stands with tea cups. GOSH's lovely make-up artist was on hand to try out a few of the products on us, we were encouraged to get creative in front of backdrops of America and take a few silly selfies with some props. There was the option to have a manicure too. We were truly spoilt!


As these were products for the Autumn and Winter line a small part of me was a bit sad that this meant that Summer is coming to an end! But the sadness soon subsided when I saw what goodies will be hitting our shelves!

The much loved Velvet Touch Lipsticks have 8 new shades (though there are only 7 on display here...strange), these have been a big favourite of mine for a while, they are creamy, super pigmented and contain vitamin E to keep your lips moisturised. The colours are more on the darker end of the spectrum -look at that lovely plum shade! But the lovely light pink 'Angel' is a great alternative if you want to keep things a bit more subtle.


Mineral Powders always seem like more of a Summer product for me as they offer a light coverage and seem to be more to combat shine than to cover redness etc. GOSH's new release offers a fuller coverage while still giving a natural matte finish. The easy to use packing is much like their primer release earlier this year so there is minimal mess. These are available in 4 shades and are very buildable for a powder.  To accompany them GOSH have released a brush perfect to apply it. The short 100% natural hair bristles are nicely packed to make it easier to blend the powder into the skin. They are so soft and for 7.99 it's a great brush to add to your collection even if you don't plan to use it with this particular powder.


A product I've always been afraid of is the cream blush. I've never managed to get it right, I seem to end up looking like a china doll. GOSH are releasing 3 shades cream blush to their collection. Their gorgeous make-up artist talked me through it and it seems they've come a long way since I last tried one out. GOSH's Giant Blush sticks are packed full of colour and are easy to apply - even for me. The silky texture blends so nicely into the skin and the applicator makes it easy to apply with fingers or straight from the stick. I can see these being a big hit. You can also apply these to the lips so they are muti-purpose too!


I almost ignored the Double Precision Mascara at first. I thought it was another double ended mascara that builds up with 2 formulas, I've never found one of those that actually works and they seem like a bit of a faff! But on closer inspection it's an amazing product. There are two brushes but one end is for top lashes to add volume and one is slightly smaller to define the the finer bottom ones. How has nobody thought of this before?!


A big theme at the event was  based around their 9 Shade Eye Palettes. There's 3 mirrored compacts that are all stunning. The looks that can be created are endless. First is '001 To enjoy in New York' with very wearable nude shades, '002 To have fun in LA' with an aqua selection of blues and greens and for the more daring '003 To play with in Vegas' with some stunning brights that I can't wait to have a play with. For £9.99 these are great for 9 different unique shades. I'll be adding these to a few stockings at Christmas time, I assure you!


I personally think 'To enjoy in New York' is going to fly off the shelves! Look at the lovely nude shades!


Brows have been a big thing this year and gosh have brought out a Defining Brow Gel in 3 shades go tame your brows while filling them in much like a mascara would thicken your lashes. The coloured gel lifts shapes and defined the hairs while tinting them too. It's also a complete bargain at 4.99

Another mascara to be released is the Crazy Volume Mascara. Offering no smudging, flaking or clumping, just dramatic volume and length that lasts for hours in lovely bright pink packaging. 


I love GOSH Nail Lacquers, they are so affordable -these are only £3.99! Their Frosted Nail Lacquer in Frosted Rose from last season is one of my most worn polishes! With the success of 50 shades of Grey it was only natural that a brand jumped on board that bandwagon! (and why not!) While they're not quite offering 50 shades they have offered you 5 with a sparkle to it that's very unique. It's almost holographic and adds a nice texture to the nails too. Grey will be a great colour in Autumn but the lighter shades are perfect even in this lovely sunshine. 
The palest '628 stardust' and darkest '632 Night Sky' are my favourites of the bunch.


After one more quick play with the props in the make-shift photo booth we said our goodbyes and took our lovely goody bag to the pub for a rummage and a cocktail...



...and it was only fitting for a make up themed evening that the pub in question was Gabbi's Head


What do you think of the new products?
 If there is anything you would like me to review separately let me know


Friday, 25 July 2014

The Baby Weight Debate

Weight- it's a subject that can be a bit of a taboo, and Baby Weight even more-so. The media sparks us off, sometimes pitting us against each other. The fat camp vs the thin camp, neither coming out as the winner. I see body shaming everyday, not only in the media but in our every day lives with real people too. As a new Mum I really felt the brunt of this and it knocked my confidence. Carrie is also a Mum and we both feel quite strongly on this issue. We decided to collaborate on this one and share our views with you.


I read an article by a certain reality tv 'star' which quite frankly irritated me. 

It was about how some celebrities make 'real women' (I hate that term) feel under pressure to lose their baby weight and give them unrealistic expectations about how easy it will be.

She called some people liars for claiming that breast feeding and running around after their children wasn't enough to get rid of their weight and therefore made us civilians feel bad if it didn't go the same way for us. She said 'from her experience' your figure doesn't just spring back and implied that was how it was for everyone else. Well I wish I'd taken pictures of my belly going back down over the days after having Mason in the same way I took pictures of my bump growing bigger, she would frankly have to eat her words. What she failed to mention was how everybody is different, these women who seemed to 'spring back' had to be lying as it wasn't the case for her. 

I'm not saying I sprung back into shape instantly, but moments after my son being born I just looked like I had a big meal, obviously my belly wasn't as toned as it once was but I was shocked how different it was in a matter of hours. I admit I was lucky (is it lucky to have a flatter tummy? really?)  but for some this is actually the case, I'm not the freak of nature I'm made out to be. 

I didn't over eat when I was pregnant, eating for two is a myth, in fact you're not supposed to up your calorie intake until the last 3 months of pregnancy and even then it's only the extra calories that would equate to a slice of toast! I got very bored when pregnant so I spent a lot of it going for walks, but that's as far as my exercise regime went.

Some use being preggers as an excuse to go nuts and eat what you like as 'you're getting fat anyway'  which is completely fine, you should do what the hell you want! 

It's implied that REAL women with babies don't have time to shower or put make-up on. Well, some real women are lucky and they do, some have good babies who nap or sit watching you while they giggle away as you dust a brush over your face. It's not abnormal and it doesn't make you a bad mother to make yourself feel human. That's how you shake off this 'lack of identitiy' that some people feel.

 I love seeing mums looking glam, that makes me smile, it makes me think 'good on you, you had a tiny bit of me time and did something to make you feel more of a woman again and less of a baby maker'. We should be helping each other along, not trying to knock each other down at the next hurdle. Being a new Mum is hard enough!

I guess having this blog helped me make sure I kept up with the beauty world. It gave me something else to think about other than nappies and nap times, and it did me good. 

Don't get me wrong, it wasn't all easy. I didn't have the best people around me at first, but in all other aspects I was coping relatively well. My son was growing well, he was what people describe as a 'good baby' and I was happy with my body, it was only other people making me feel bad for how I looked!


I was breast feeding, which burns 500 calories a day anyway, I was also keeping active, going for walks and making sure I kept our house perfect. I took on the housewife role and I was moving non stop. I didn't gain a lot during my pregnancy anyway, to quote the article I was one that "looked like a stick insect with a football up her top" (how flattering of her to say) but I was back in my size 8 jeans within weeks. Something society has made us believe we should be proud of but I felt guilty for it! I felt hated by other women, not only mums who were struggling to lose their baby weight but people without children too, even my friends would make comments to make me feel bad. It got to a point where I hated seeing other women who had ever had children as I knew the subject of my size would come up. 

What I'm trying to say is articles like this one don't help. There's constant complaints about the media body shaming the larger women, but it works the other way too. I know many other people who were back in shape quickly after having children, either by joining a gym, by breast feeding, by running around after kids or it's just their metabolism.  It shouldn't matter. Nothing should. Why should women who still carry their baby weight be ridiculed? But also why should the ones who lost it almost instantly? Don't make anyone feel bad for how their bodies are. We've just had a baby for gods sake! 

Hate your belly? Do some sit ups when the baby is playing. You're not meant to hold them the whole time anyway. The baby will probably find it funny to watch! But I've always been of the mind 'if you don't like something then change it' I've got no sympathy for people who moan about their weight one minute then are eating a wheel of cheese and getting drunk a day later, if you really care you will sort it. If not, you can't really be that unhappy. Work out if you really are unhappy with your body or if you just feel you should be because that's what we've been told. 

What if you don't want to lose your baby weight? What if it doesn't bother you at all? Good on you! That shouldn't be ridiculed either, it's all down to personal preference. If you're happy being what ever size you are, that's awesome! It's your mind that matters, nobody else's. Do what makes you happy. 

Yay for big hot mamas! and Yay for gorgeous slim mummys.
We're all Wonder women, just look what we created! 

Baby Mason

So you've read my view, why not have a read of the lovely Carrie's story here, she took it easy during her pregnancy for her own health and had to work off the extra weight gradually for her own reasons. 


And while you're at it go and follow Carrie on Twitter  @Deards123


Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Bourjois New Delice De Poudre Duo and Delice de Poudre Gold

There was a bit of a gold theme in one corner of the Bourjois Summer Party. There were a couple of pretty golden eyeliners and a shimmery lip gloss glowing from a table on the roof terrace of Global Radio in leicester Square. All very lovely products but the two new additions that really got bloggers talking were the bronzing powders.


After the success of the gorgeously scented original, Bourjois have 2 new additions to their Delice De poudre range. Delice De Poudre Duo
Bronzing powder and highlighter and the Delice de poudre Gold bronzing powder.

They both have the delicious chocolate fragrance that all the Bourjois bronzing line come with and they have kept the yummy chocolate bar packaging.

The Delice de poudre gold bronzing powder was the first one I tried, I was drawn to the sparkles! They've added a touch of gold to create a gorgeous shimmering bronzer that looks great on the cheekbones and/or dusted over collarbones and shoulders for a beach-holiday glow.


I had a make-up artist try it on me at the event and it was used as an eyeshadow to compliment my eyeliner.


The bronzer contains fine pearly extracts for added illumination without looking glittery. It's a really subtle golden finish which is just gorgeous!

My favourite of the two has to be the Delice De Poudre Duo Bronzing Powder and Highlighter

Sticking with the chocolate theme (and why not!) they have made this sweet block of gorgeousness a 'double flavour' version. It's split down the middle and separated into two shades to contour and highlight. 


The chocolate matte shade gives the face a natural tan while shading and defininig the contours of the face and they've added a white chocolate shade with a little shimmer to illuminate and sculpt the features.

Contouring has come a long way in the last year and I'm glad bourjois have thought to combine the 2 products that I reach for on a daily basis. It's handy to have it all in one place ...did I mention it smells gorgeous?!


These are to be released on 6th August in Boots and Superdrug and will be £7.99


Monday, 21 July 2014

The British Tag

I saw this tag going around and I figured as I hadn't done a tag for a while I'd give it a go. I love Britain and am very proud of being British so it seemed like a great tag to do. 


1. How many cups of tea do you have a day? + How many sugars?
Probably about 2 or 3. One when I get up, and one when M goes to bed and sometimes I add another in the day if I feel like it. I have a proper ‘builders tea’ 2 sugars and very little milk. I hate milky tea, if I add to much by mistake I’ll start again and make a new one.

2. Favourite part of your Roast?
The meat, preferably lamb or beef. Though that is closely followed by the veg, I love veg! Carrots, peas, cauliflower, broccoli, parsnips, pile it up, I say! I love my Mum's roast, she's always made the most amazing roast dinner. 

3. Favourite Biscuits
Digestives – I eat far too many of these. But not the chocolate ones, oh no! I much prefer the plain ones. And no impostors, it has to be Mcvities!

4. Favourite British past time
I've mentioned in the past that I spend all of my childhood summers at the beach. We had a chalet down in West Sussex and I have some of my best memories there. So going to a British beach and eating fish and chips makes me very happy.

5. Favourite Part of Britain?
London! Another place where I have amazing memories and being in  certain parts of London make me smile from ear to ear. When I was pregnant (and bored) I'd just jump on the train and spend a day wandering around on my own. There's so much to do and everything is gorgeous. I'm lucky to only live half hour away so it's close enough for me to visit regularly.

6. Favourite British Holiday?
This is going back to my Summers a the beach. We would be there for the 6 weeks of the Summer holidays and we had the beach on our doorstep, an outdoor pool, an arcade, park, a pub and live entertainment every night. I met some lovely people and it was a wonderful place to be.

7. Favourite sweet
You can't go wrong with a bar of Galaxy.

8. What would your pub be called?
I actually lived in a pub when I was growing up so I'd give it the same name as my old one, The Moany Waller.

9. No.1 British person
Victoria Beckham, I think the Beckhams are the most iconic celebrity couple we have. Victoria is everything I aspire to be.

10. Favourite Coastline
Well this is an easy one...West Sussex.

11.  Favourite British Artist?
Robbie Williams, some slate him but I think he is an incredible entertainer and very talented.

12. Opinions on Marmite?
Hate it hate it hate it!


I tag anyone who wants to give this a go! Let me know if you do it or have done this before -I'd love to have a read!