Wednesday, 7 May 2014

The #100HappyDays Challenge

Anyone that follows me on Instagram might have noticed that I've been adding the hashtag #100happydays each day for the last couple of months. 

It's a great little project to make you take notice of one thing each day that made you happy. You take a photo to represent it and upload it to Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #100HappyDays. Posting a picture for each day has proven tricky for some as the 100happydays website say that only 71% of people complete it. I am pleased to say I completed the challenge and I found it really fun to do. With things being so tough last year I really needed to try and look on the bright side this year and this project really helped!

The thing I found the hardest was choosing soothing different for each day. I could easily say that coming home to Mason and Sam makes me happy but that is a-given, I tried to focus on things that would sometimes go unnoticed, things that I take for granted.


Another thing that was hard was remembering to take a picture, I'd think 'what made me really happy today?' and I'd think of the great evening I had with friends, a lovely day with my family, catching up with people over lunch but no photos were taken so it was hard to document. Sometimes you're having such a good time you actually forget to take a picture. I think that shows when you've really had a good night/day with someone.

There were times that I was happy because of something lovely that Sam had said or told me about, but again that's hard to photograph, but it did make me note that it made me smile as I had to think about how I could include it in my post, even if something else was put in for that day instead. I was taking in so many more happy things, even if they weren't for the project itself.

There were days where I would be looking forward to something and I'd think 'oh I know what will be my 100happydays picture tomorrow!' and to only find it was then topped by something unexpected. That was a lovely feeling.

Towards the end of the challenge there was a day that I just felt great, everything was going well and I was really thankful for all the people that had helped me through such a tough year, that day a smiley selfie was needed.


It was such a fun tag to do and it's really made me take note of the simple things that make me smile.

Lovely things like Nights with friends, My Mum's Roast Dinner, finding old shorts that fit again, cherry pop tarts, the first proper day of sunshine, finding out that karma does exist 
to materialistic things like my new iPhone, a new nail polish, shoes, and winning prizes - there's so many things that make me happy and I'm glad I have this to look back on.

You can go onto the website and get your pictures made into a book when you have completed the challenge, they ship worldwide and it's just under £15 for a book of all your pictures. It's such a great idea and would be a lovely thing to keep.

If you want to have a look through some of the pictures hop on over to my Instagram.

Have you taken part in the #100HappyDays Challenge? I'd love to hear your experiences so let me know in the comments!



  1. aaah your kid is so cute! like seriously adorable!

    from helen at

  2. I have a few friends that are doing it! I don't think I would be able to. Good job! xx Rena Kiss and Make Up

    1. Give it a go! I didn't think I could either but it really gave me something to think about x

  3. This is a lovely post... I am currently on day 19 of the 100happydays challenge and I am loving it. I am annoyingly happy anyway but now even more so. I wonder what I will be like by day 100. It's so important to appreciate the little things in your day isn't it?!

    x Maria x

    1. It really is! It helps on the days where you feel like nothing is going right. Good luck with it, I'm sure you'll reach 100 easily!

  4. Great post, well done!