Wednesday, 28 May 2014


I've had a frankly disastrous week starting with my purse going missing (and 
having to cancel all of my cards) not once, but twice! The first time it was stolen by my neighbour who only got away with £8 (or as I see it, a new mascara)  and after I got it back it fell out of the buggy 2 days later! This time it was handed in to the police and everything was in it, I personally think I need a new purse as this one doesn't seem to like me much!

So it got me thinking about a few other  things that make you tut inwardly (We're British after all!) Those little things that just make you go 'oh brilliant!'... or FML if we're being explicative.

The Big Make-up Shatter
Don't you hate when you see your compact/blush/bronzer/palette fall to the ground and there's a slow motion 'noooooo!' moment shortly before you wince and pick it up before slowly peeking inside to inspect the damage? Oh the horror!
When I see it's cracked into a million pieces a little bit of me dies inside.  Yes, it's still the same product but it doesn't look as pretty anymore and it's a damn site more messy I tell ya!


The Coffee Crack
I don't know if there is some science behind this, but there needs to be some other material better suited to coffee cup lids. Mine always seem to crack, maybe it's the heat, the pressure, I don't know. Hell, I'm no scientist but the crack causes it to leak and stain my white top! ... and it's always a white top!


"Tap... Tap... Tap.. Tap..."
The noise of worn down heels tapping on the floor really grates on me. You know that tap tap tappy sound when the metal is coming through and you want to shout 'go and get them re-heeled!!!' I hate it when my shoes need re-heeling, it's one of those things I always forget to do and then I go to put on a pair that I haven't worn in a while and I hear the dreaded tapping coming from my own feet and then realise why.


The Lid Pop
Now I don't know if this is just me, I've not heard others complain about it so it may well be the case but I have the odd nail polish where the lid decides it just doesn't like the brush anymore and makes the job of nail painting really bloody tricky!
 How does this even happen? It always seems to be Models own.... anyone else?


The Stow-Away
When you put on a pair of tights and only later on do you realised there's a bit of fluff/thread in them! It's definitely not on the top, you've tried brushing it away several times, it's in there, all cozied up against your shin!  Too late now, you cant exactly get your hand down there to retrieve it in a ladylike fashion, and attempting to move it around from on the top just doesn't work. That fluff is there for good -or at least until you get a chance to go to the bathroom anyway!


Big Break
A nail breaking is never a good thing but the ultimate worst has to be when it breaks right down at the finger! So close it pulls the skin! Ouch! it makes me shudder just thinking about it! When it just catches on something enough to snap but not come off completely. I always try and glue it down or pretend it never happened but there's no going back, it has to come off, and it's not going to be pretty!


The Blob
And lastly, when you don't notice your mascara has this little bit on the end...


so you end up with this...


What little things grind your gears?
Does your nail polish lid have a fear of it's brush?


Friday, 23 May 2014

Models Own Purple Glare and Bourjois Blue

It's no secret that I like to buy nail polish, some might say I have a problem... but hey, it's a cheap addiction and not the unhealthiest I can think of!

 Bourjois 1 seconde 26 Blue, Models Own Hypergel Purple Glare

Models Own recently released their Hypergel range and I tested the water with Pink Veneer and my suspected obsession stopped there. As much as the colour and finish was lovely, it never lasted. A day or 2 and there were chips all over the place, I had a whole nail peeling off in one piece (which gives me a trance satisfaction, I admit) or just... dents in it. I wanted to love Hypergel but I vowed that I wouldn't be purchasing another shade... that was until Models Own upped their game and released the purple of my dreams... OK Models Own, you've twisted my arm! I've been looking for a purple shade like this for ages. After a brief disagreement with the bossy jobsworth sales assistant in Superdrug Purple Glare was now on the way to being mine. 


On the way to the til I picked up Bourjois 1 seconde in 26 blue too. not realising til I got home how great they looked together.


These are now two of my favourite nail shades, they both give a great gel-like finish too ...I just wish the Hypergel one lasted a bit longer!

I'll definitely be trying out some more of the Bourjois 1 Seconde range though, great staying power, really lovely formula and the size of the brush makes it really easy to apply quickly.


Have you tried any of the new Models Own Hypergels?

What other colours do you recommend from the Bourjois 1 Seconde range?


Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Neon Nail Polishes -Models Own and Maybelline

Neons are a massive favourite of mine when it comes to nail polish in the Summer. Whenever a brand brings out a neon collection I have to have a look. Even on those dull unexpected Summers days a neon nail will easily brighten things up. 

I found myself out in the garden wearing a neon shade and with the sun shining I have to say it looked great. I was inspired to write a post on some of my favourite neon nail polishes. It's great what the sun can do huh?!

The 2 brands that really have the neon trend nailed (excuse the pun) are Models Own and Maybelline.


I bought the whole Models own Ice Neon range last year and I love them. They are just so bright and the matte finish they give is something a little different from what I'm used to. They have recently released their Polish For Tans and I've only managed to try out one of these due to the Boots and Superdrugs near me only stocking a tiny selection of Models own polishes! -sort it out people!

Maybelline seem to go right under the radar when it comes to nail polish but their neons are great. Their new Color Show Bleached Neons range have the colours I've been after for a long time. They are more of a neon pastel but still bright and really striking.

So these are a few of my favourites that I've been loving lately.

  First is from theModels Own Ice Neon Range in the shade Bubblegum, a neon pink with a matte finish, it almost looks like you've used a a highlighter -but in a good way! Pink Punch is from the same range and has more of a coral tone to it. I love how this range make the lids the same colour as the polish, it makes them much easier to dig out of my collection!


Bubblegum, Pink Punch, Shades

My newest neon is from the Models Own Polish for Tans range in the colour 'Shades' and it quite a hard colour to describe, it's somehow like a pastel pink but imagine a neon light under it.

Bubblegum, Pink Punch, Shades

Sun Flare from the Maybelline Bleached Neons range is like no colour I've tried before, it's so bright and striking. It's a orangy-peach and absolutely gorgeous! coral heat is the other colour I've tried from the range and is also really bright, a coraly-peach that has a bit more of a girly feel to it.

Sun flare, Fuchsia Fever, Coral Heat
A nail polish that I had kind of forgotten about is Fuchsia Fever from Maybelline's Color Show Neon range. While it's not as typically neon as the others it's still a lovely bright purple that looks amazing on tanned toes.

Sun flare, Fuchsia Fever, Coral Heat

All these polishes are on the more affordable end of the market with Models Own's being £5 and Maybelline's only £3.99. you can see why I keep buying more!

 Bubblegum, Pink Punch, Shades, Sun Flare, Fuchsia Fever, Coral Heat

Do you love Neon Nails as much as me?
What are your Favourites? Any that I need to try out?


Monday, 19 May 2014

Friends Print from iposters

When I'm at a loose end I can often find myself killing (far too much) time browsing Pinterest. We've all done it, clicking through boards and re-pinning DIY ideas you'll never try, work-outs that you'll never do and adding more and more things to 'My Wish List'. Suddenly hours have passed and you start to wonder what you are doing with your life...


Well one night I was doing just that and I came across a great picture that really grabbed my attention. Being a big fan of the show 'Friends' this picture with quotes from the show stood out to me. I found myself smiling to myself as I said each quote in my head complete with the voice to match. Friends is my internal screensaver in my head so this was really easy for me! It's one of those shows you can watch again and again and even when it's just on in the background it never fails to make me laugh. I don't think there's a show more quotable than Friends.


 Clicking on the image took me to the iposters website and I found so many great posters and prints to look through. I have lots of friends who are big film and TV fans and I made a mental note to come back to this when Christmas is approaching.

 Whether you like retro prints, superheros, films, art, tv, music, sport...  there really is an excuse for me to use the cliche phrase 'there's something for everyone!'. There are some lovely bits for kids rooms too so I'm very tempted to order something for Mason, he's a huge Toy Story fan and they have great selection of Pixar prints. 

I admit that posters are something I haven't really had in my house for a few years, but I do find framing them makes them a little more acceptable for a grown-up house rather than the Student-look of a curled up poster pinned to the wall by the corners. However, any print can also be purchased as cork notice board, magnetic notice board and can be float mounted. There are also mugs, metal signs and wall art as well as having the option to laminate or frame the posters too. So there are loads of options if a regular poster isn't your thing but you just love the look of the print!
Their wooden wall art is gorgeous, I really recommend you have a look through those.

Although there were many designs I loved the look of I chose the Friends infographc as it was the print that first brought me to the website and as a big Friends fan it really appealed to me. It's something so different from any other Friends poster I've seen and the quotes make it a lot more fun. It's something that any fan of Friends will totally 'get' and I can see it being a great talking point when we have people over. 

Mine is a cork board that also came with pins but I don't think I can bring myself to put a pin through it, I love it so much it seems a shame to cover it up! The quality is great too, I've tried to get a good close up so you can see how it looks.

You only have to look at the feedback on the site to see this is a great place to buy really interesting bits for your home and their customer service really is excellent. I was contacted each step of the way to let me know what stage my order was at and when to expect my delivery. It only took 4 days to get to me, and delivery is free to anywhere in the UK.

You can purchase from the website but they also sell on eBay, Amazon and Play if you prefer to order from there. Prices start at a tiny £5.99 so I really recommend you have a look!

*Although I was this item my thoughts are 100% my own


Thursday, 15 May 2014

Please talk about Mental Health

haven't really talked about anything mental health related for a while but recent events shocked me so much I felt the need to write this. I had this post in my drafts for a while but with it being Mental Health Awareness Week it seemed like the perfect time to put this up.

I've never been to a funeral before, my Dad's parents died when I was a baby and my Mum's are still alive. I actually dread the first one I have to go to as I seem to be getting more and more emotional with age and I'm not sure how I will cope.

My younger brother was in the same boat as me until recently. He found out that his old friend had taken his own life. This guy was/seemed happy, the life and soul of the party, he had loads of friends, an excellent job and was close to his family. Naturally it was a complete shock to everyone who knew him and although I only met him once or twice when I was little it completely sent chills up my spine and it really upset me to hear about it.

What could cause a 24 year old guy to do such a thing? I don't know all of the details and I don't think it's my place to go into any of them on here but it seems he had planned this for a few days. It wasn't a spur of the moment thing. He left a note but it had no explanation of what had driven him to this.

Many were so upset and blaming themselves, wondering why they hadn't noticed that he was so down. 

Whether it was the case for him or not there are so many people who seem fine to everyone else, but inside they are screaming and suffering with mental illness, sometimes they might not even realise it themselves. I think especially when it comes to guys it can be hard to bring up your feelings. Being out with the lads and going 'I'm so down at the moment' would typically be met with jibes of 'alright... don't be soft...' (I'm terrible at guy speak, but you get what I'm saying right?) so it can be really off-putting to explain everything to friends. Often there's a 'good day' where you don't just feel like bringing up how you're feeling and bringing anyone down.

I can relate to this completely. I know how it feels to have to put on a front, my old friends were always looking for things to complain about when it came to each other -I don't know how they are still friends now, I've never known a group of people talk about each other behind each other's backs so much before! They also had a lot going on in their own lives I just didn't want to burden them. I just felt I couldn't open up, and when I finally did to my best friend she saw it as me playing the 'ill card' or just moaning and bitching. When our friendship came to a head she told me she assumed I was 'over it' and told me I should have just come out with how I was feeling when we were all out together. It's not as easy to just go 'oh by the way, I've considered suicide'  -when I told this to my friend she told me I just should have -she still didn't get it. If someone opens up to you in the first place that is hard enough. We stopped talking as I couldn't let her use this against me any longer, I'd confided in her and she just made me worse. I now know that everything I had told her about how I was feeling was being used as some sort of gossip for the rest of them. Luckily I had some amazing people around me to help me and make me better but some are not quite as lucky. If they have no partner or real friend they can confide in they feel so alone and see no way out.

So if a friend of yours is acting differently, don't dismiss it. There might be something deeper going on than you know. Ask them if they're ok, and when they say 'yea, I'm fine', ask them if they're really ok, find out what's going on, they might need someone to talk to. You can't always expect them to come to you, it's a very difficult thing to talk about and a lot can feel embarrassed. But talking about it can be a big help, to let that person know they're not alone. If they feel less alone they might just see there are ways out of this that don't involve ending their lives and devastating their friends and family. 

I really think mental health needs to be taught in schools, young people need to know what they might be feeling. To be told that depression is more than just being a bit down, that it's ok to ask for help, it's fine to take medication if you need it, you are not a failure if you are struggling. With some knowledge and this subject being less of a taboo this boy might still be with us today. 


Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Free Nails Inc Polish with Instyle Magazine

I love a good magazine freebie. To be honest I don't really read 'proper magazines' that often so I only really buy them when there's a good free gift! ...they know how to get me!


I have to admit I was tempted to buy 3 copies of this magazine to get all 3 of the colours available. They have picked great colours for Summer. Copacabana Coral -a coral-y red, Sugarloaf Sunset -A barbie pink and Sao Paulo Streets -a nude. These are all colours I really love.


Pinks can be rather hit and miss for me and I have a few nude shades that I already love so I chose Copacabana Coral.Typical of Nails inc, it goes on brilliantly and has excellent staying power, I'm wearing 2 coats in these pictures. I love a coral in the summer so this is the perfect choice for me. It's lovely on the toes all year round too!


It's £3.90 for the magazine or £2.50 in Tesco stores, for a nail polish that's
worth £11 -it's hard to say no to!


The Day my Neighbour Stole my Purse in my own house

You might have noticed from my Twitter and instagram accounts that yesterday was rather eventful for me.


We've had a new neighbour move in next door, she has 2 small boys, one is a similar age to mine. She seemed really nice and over the weekend had asked to use my phone as her gas hadn't been turned on yet and she needed to call the gas company. I invited her in and she sat on my sofa using my iPhone to call them but she couldn't get through. I felt sorry for her, it's not what you need when you have young children and it was crazy that the gas hadn't been turned on for her.

I should have found it a bit strange that I got a text from her an hour later asking if this was my number... so she must have called her own phone from mine.. a phone she said she didn't have. I assumed she just didn't have any credit at the time or something. Example 1 of me being too trusting!

The next day she asked to use my phone again and the same thing happened, she was on hold a lot and was fretting that she needed to get hot water sorted soon. I had problems with my boiler a few months back and our gas man came out and sorted it straight away as I was an emergency case as I had a small child. I thought this would be the same for her. I didn't question it too much though, maybe there was some kind of mix up. Example 2...

By this point we had discussed our children and been generally chatty so I just saw her as a friendly neighbour.  I was actually quite excited to have a new 'mum friend' that seemed down to earth. She came to borrow a lighter off Sam while I was out a couple of times and was always chatty when we saw her outside. She had a lot of questions about the building, where the bins were etc but we put it down to her not being informed when she moved in.

As much as I liked her I was getting a bit sick of her knocking so much. There was friendly and then there was too friendly. So yesterday I spent a great deal of the day out of the house. Shortly after I returned she was at my door again. She needed the phone as the gas man had been but it was now not working again. I quickly looked for my iPhone but I couldn't see it (turns out it was on my bed) so handed her the home phone instead. She called a number and made a comment that she 'knew all these numbers off by heart now!' and while on hold she started talking about a pair of shoes she had seen me wearing the other day. I told her they were only cheap New Look ones and she asked if she could see them. I went out of the room to get them and she did the general chat that most people do about how she could never walk in them. She then asked if a picture on the wall behind me was of me wearing them and I told her they were different ones and she asked where the picture was done and I went off on one about how Sam and I used to work together in a photography studio. This is my problem, I talk too much!

After being on hold for so long she hung up and said she might just phone her friend who is an engineer and get him to do it and bill the landlord later. She then called him (another number she must have known off by heart), had a really short conversation of "Hi its Gemma, can you come round, thanks" and told me he would be half an hour. She then asked if she could have a drink of water before she left. I found this a bit strange as she lives about 3 steps away from me! But I got her a drink which she took 2 gulps of and then left. She was really pleasant and I thought nothing of it.

....That was until I was tidying up and I noticed my handbag which was on the sofa and it was now very light as my purse was now missing from it...

A little shaken, I called Sam and we were pretty sure she had nicked it. It all added up, she was distracting me while she took it, my handbag was right next to her on the sofa. I cancelled my cards and Sam left work to come home and try and work out a plan of action. 

When he got in we decided that going in and flat out accusing her wasn't going to go down well and we didn't want to get the police involved just yet. Part of me was thinking 'well maybe I dropped it when I was out'. I just didn't want to believe it. But all the signs pointed to her. I remembered at one point she said "oh look it's starting to rain now" and I looked out the window and it wasn't. Sam looked through the last calls on the home phone and it turned out she hadn't dialled any numbers at all while she was in here! I looked through my iPhone to see who she'd called the last few times she'd been in and it was either herself or random numbers that didn't work. 

 It was definitely her.

Sam went in to talk to her. He was a total hero, he told her how he was a security analyst and that we have lots of gadgets in our place that keep track of the goings on inside. He used a lot of technical terms to explain to her how a piece of software downloads videos to his phone but it takes a while so it was in the process of moving over now and then he'd be able to watch the footage. He told her how my purse was missing and although he wasn't accusing her of anything, with the phone now having any calls made from it he would have to tell the police when they came and they would probably want to talk to her as it was suspicious. He told her he didn't want to get any police involved and cause any friction between us and that we all have moments of madness and do things we regret. She was really nice and said she hadn't  seen it but she was taking the bins out in a bit so she would have a look outside. 

Sam thanked her and came back in. We heard her door open as he was telling me what happened and then after a while she knocked and asked Sam to come and look out of her window, she pointed outside and said "is that it? ...I knew you said it was purple" and there was my purse outside, nowhere near anywhere I'd been that day! I definitely hadn't dropped it. Sam said thanks and made a comment that the fairies must have moved it and she laughed. 

Everything was in there minus the £8 I had in it. When Sam was in her place he noticed she had pretty much no furniture so if this was to feed her kids I don't feel as bad, but if it's for anything else frankly she's a scumbag! It could be that her furniture could be coming over the next few days, I know that we had to wait for a lot of the big things when we moved in to our last place. It's either that or she really does have no money.

I have complete mixed feeling about it all. I feel so stupid that I let this happen under my nose! Only I could be distracted by my own shoes! I just feel like my trust has been ruined yet again. I was just starting to trust people again after what my best mate did and now this happens. 

But this goes to show, you really let your guard down when you are in your own home so I've definitely learnt to be more careful! You hear of these things happening to the elderly but it can happen to anyone.

I'm just glad I got it all back. It's annoying that I cancelled all of my cards (and requested a new Boots card -priorities!) But everything is in there, even a few gift cards that I hadn't used from when I got them at Christmas. She clearly just wanted the money.

I'm still in two minds whether I feel sorry for her and her kids or I'm just angry at her. But I'm hoping this means she won't be knocking at my door any time soon. 


Wednesday, 7 May 2014

The #100HappyDays Challenge

Anyone that follows me on Instagram might have noticed that I've been adding the hashtag #100happydays each day for the last couple of months. 

It's a great little project to make you take notice of one thing each day that made you happy. You take a photo to represent it and upload it to Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #100HappyDays. Posting a picture for each day has proven tricky for some as the 100happydays website say that only 71% of people complete it. I am pleased to say I completed the challenge and I found it really fun to do. With things being so tough last year I really needed to try and look on the bright side this year and this project really helped!

The thing I found the hardest was choosing soothing different for each day. I could easily say that coming home to Mason and Sam makes me happy but that is a-given, I tried to focus on things that would sometimes go unnoticed, things that I take for granted.


Another thing that was hard was remembering to take a picture, I'd think 'what made me really happy today?' and I'd think of the great evening I had with friends, a lovely day with my family, catching up with people over lunch but no photos were taken so it was hard to document. Sometimes you're having such a good time you actually forget to take a picture. I think that shows when you've really had a good night/day with someone.

There were times that I was happy because of something lovely that Sam had said or told me about, but again that's hard to photograph, but it did make me note that it made me smile as I had to think about how I could include it in my post, even if something else was put in for that day instead. I was taking in so many more happy things, even if they weren't for the project itself.

There were days where I would be looking forward to something and I'd think 'oh I know what will be my 100happydays picture tomorrow!' and to only find it was then topped by something unexpected. That was a lovely feeling.

Towards the end of the challenge there was a day that I just felt great, everything was going well and I was really thankful for all the people that had helped me through such a tough year, that day a smiley selfie was needed.


It was such a fun tag to do and it's really made me take note of the simple things that make me smile.

Lovely things like Nights with friends, My Mum's Roast Dinner, finding old shorts that fit again, cherry pop tarts, the first proper day of sunshine, finding out that karma does exist 
to materialistic things like my new iPhone, a new nail polish, shoes, and winning prizes - there's so many things that make me happy and I'm glad I have this to look back on.

You can go onto the website and get your pictures made into a book when you have completed the challenge, they ship worldwide and it's just under £15 for a book of all your pictures. It's such a great idea and would be a lovely thing to keep.

If you want to have a look through some of the pictures hop on over to my Instagram.

Have you taken part in the #100HappyDays Challenge? I'd love to hear your experiences so let me know in the comments!