Thursday, 3 April 2014

Postrgram Prints

This is the first time I've gone to review a product before I physically have it but I'm just so excited by the look of my order from Postrgram that I wanted to share!

I really dislike mass-produced art, you know the ones -canvasses with Banksy prints and scenes from the Blues Brothers. Or the pictures in department stores of a rose in a shade of purple that matches that cushion, candle and throw that they also sell. I like the things on my wall to have meaning, there's so many things I like to look back on, why take up precious wall space with something that hundreds of others have too?

Roughly 200 million of us have an Instagram account and most of us just leave those pictures there on our phones. Yes, some of these pictures are of your dinner or a Starbucks cup that aren't exactly one for the album but there are also some great memories stored in that handy little app. 
When I saw that Postrgram lets you create a poster of your Instagram prints I thought it was a lovely idea. Lots of little squares of pictures to look back on. But if you take  a step back (literally) those little squares are also a big picture of your choice. Your instagram pictures make a mosaic and I have to say the results are fab!

Now, I've only just placed my order but I've been sent a digital image of my picture to share with you and it's made me so excited to receive the real thing. Ordering it was so easy too, I chose the picture I wanted to have as the main image and then uploaded lots of extras make it with. The smaller pics are then tinted to create your main picture -clever huh? I've zoomed in so you can see the little pictures a bit better, and so I don't spoil the grand unveiling of the real thing!


...and here's the finished product! I am in love!!


They are a US based site but they offer free shipping to Europe, USA, Canada and Mexico. 

You want one for yourself don't you? So go and enter their competition, just like them on Facebook to win a 24"X36" image of your choice. (I also have it on good authority that there haven't been a lot of entries as yet so there is a pretty high chance of being a winner!) They will pick the winner in 2 days so GO GO GO! 



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  2. Love this idea! Makes it so nice and personal :)


    1. I really love it too! I'm so impressed with how it turned out!