Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Personalised books from Love2Read

I was over the moon to get the chance to create a personalised book from Love2Read.co.uk Mason has really started to show a big interest in books lately and is actually sitting through a whole story. He used to wriggle away or just flick through pages but he's taking it all in now. I might finally get to hear the end of the 'Tiger who came to Tea' soon!


He loves to get my photo albums out (yes I still have photo albums!) and point out everyone. I also have a picture of my parents in the kitchen and when I ask him 'Where's the picture of Nanny and Grandad?'  he runs over to point at it.... it's very cute but I might be bias!I just knew it was a perfect time to introduce him to a book with pictures of people he recognises, I was certain he'd love it

Love2read's website makes it really easy to create a book unique to your child. It's so simple, you pick a theme 'Daddy, Grandma, holidays etc...' upload your pictures and add a short sentence under each one. 


I chose to make the book all about Mason. He is the person I have the most pictures of so it made it very easy for me! There are 10 pages to fill and then the last page puts them all together in a collage which looks really nice. 


I chose to keep the sentences really short so when Mason starts to read he can give them a go himself and look back on himself as a baby. The last page has 2 words that were used in the book to focus on which is a nice touch.


The book is a good size and the pictures are so nice and clear. It's such a lovely idea, it will really encourage children to get into reading and make it all more personal too.

 This is such a nice idea for a gift. Masons friends might well be receiving their own one of these for their birthdays this year!


You can get Love2Read books on their website and they are £14.99 but the more books you buy the more you save so you can stock up and create your own little personal library.



  1. This looks like a fantastic book. Looks like Mason enjoyed it :) x

  2. Replies
    1. I really like it. Such a simple idea and it's great

  3. I love the idea of personalise books! My Mum got one for my brother when he was a kid, it was a Christmas story, that had his name in etc. I still love reading it now!