Sunday, 30 March 2014

Deep Conditioning Treatments

My hair has been somewhat damaged over the years. From the age of 16 I straightened the life out of it. I blame Avril Lavigne, I also blame her for letting me think wearing a tie with a vest top was a good idea...

It wasn't long after that I discovered that blondes do have more fun -and more split ends. Oh my poor hair! It became so brittle as I backcombed it, dyed it a different colour every fortnight, Sometimes curled it only to straighten it again right after for no reason what-so-ever. How did I ever I have so much time on my hands?! My hair has only just started to recover and that is down to a combination of velcro rollers, regular trims and some lovely oils and treatments to give my hair the much needed nourishment it deserves.

Once or twice a week I give my hair a deep conditioning treatment. I think a weekly treatment is needed for blonde hair, especially if heated products are used regularly.  It really has helped the condition of my hair and it's the longest it's ever been. I thought I'd share a few of my favourites.


L'Oreal Professional Intense repair masque
 £11.90 for 200ml 

This is the treatment that made me think of writing this post. It's thick and creamy yet it feels light on the hair. My hair feels so soft and bouncy after using this and I feel great once I've used it. It doesn't need to be left on for long for it to do its job either. So it can be a quick treatment in the shower if you don't have the time to treat yourself to a bath with your hair wrapped in a warm towel. The only negative thing I can say about this is the fact that it made my shower really slippery when I was washing it out. I have to be very careful I don't fall over. It won't stop me using it though, the things we out ourselves through for beauty huh?!

Neal and Wolf Harmony Intensive Care Treatment
£13.50 for 200ml

The paging of this just screams luxury. The pearly effect on the cream and brown design is lovely. The beauty doesn't stop there, the smell is incredible. It’s a nice creamy conditioner that's not too thick and doesn’t weigh your hair down like a lot can. When I've used this it really makes my hair feel amazing afterwards. I know I'm going to like a treatment when I feel it has worked right away. With this I could feel how soft my hair was from the moment I started rinsing it out. My hair was left glossy with no frizz and I dint need to use any heat to smooth it out which adds extra brownie points as anything that means I don't use heat on my hair means I will be damaging it less and it gives me one less thing to do each day! 

Boots Coconut and almond intensive hair mask 
£1.99 for 350ml

Coconut oil is being raved about lately. It's super nourishing and anything this natural has to be good for you. It's such a great price as you get a really big tub for less than £2.  Although this is the cheapest of the lot don't assume it's not going to do the job. I'm really pleased with this mask and it's great to fall back on when I'm saving the pennies. It's smooth consistency means it isn't too heavy and not only does it leave my hair really soft, it smells lovely too.

Tigi S Factor Serious Conditioner 
£9.99 for 150ml

This mask gives an ultimate conditioning treatment. I use this less often but I leave it on for longer to really sink in. I find leaving it for about 10mins when hair is wrapped in a towel is when it does it's job best. The thickness does leave my hair feeling a bit weighed down but it's still really conditioned so swings and roundabouts hey?!

What's your favourite hair treatment? I hear Aussie and Lee Stafford have a couple of good ones.


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  1. I like Philip Kingsley Elasctiser it's expensive but does work::: I also like the top one you have used that's fab to

    Libertylovesmakeup,blogspot,com xx