Monday, 17 March 2014

Bobble Bottle Review

I'm so terrible at drinking enough water. For a while I used to have a plastic cup that I would mark each hour to ensure that on the hour it had to be empty and then was refilled to the top again for me to drink before the next hour was up. This actually made me drink a bit more. I'm such a child, it seems like if I made it into a game I'll stick to it better! After having Mason I got out of that habit. I guess time just flies by and you forget to even eat, let alone drink enough glasses of water!

It doesn't help that the water in my area is terrible. Sometimes it is white as it comes out of the tap! The chalk just makes it horrible and in turn is far less appealing to drink! 

I know how important it is to drink water. Not only to stop me snacking, flush out toxins from the body strengthen the immune system, but to make me look and feel healthier too. 

It's easy to say I'll carry a drink with me but shop bought bottles can be expensive and refilling a bottle could mean you end up with horrible water, especially if you live in my area anyway! 

When I was offered the chance to try out the Bobble bottle I thought this would be just what I needed to keep me hydrated. The bottle comes with a carbon filter to make sure your water is nice and pure before it gets to your lips -perfect. It looks pretty cute too, I love the bright  pink cap!

I keep it at my desk in the day and have it chilling in the fridge overnight so the first drink of the morning is lovely and cold. Carrying it around with me is great too as I know where ever I fill it up the water will be filtered. The carry cap keeps the spout clean and it can be looped around a buckle or backpack so it's easy to transport if needed.

 It's really lightweight too so it doesn't weight my bag down like a lot of water bottles can. It's easier for me to have a bottle of water around rather than glasses as I know that if Mason gets hold of it there won't be a big mess from knocking it over. If you have kids or pets running around you'll understand!

The filter lasts long enough for 300 refills! And you can just buy a new one for about a fiver when you need to. It's saving you loads of money and doing your bit for the planet too!
The bottle itself is £9.99 and comes in a range of colours. If your New Years Resolution to drink more water has slipped a bit I suggest you get yourself one of these.


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