Friday, 14 March 2014

A personalised Canvas from Canvas Design

I've always taken loads of pictures. I'm that annoying person on nights out that shouts 'get together' for a big group selfie - my friends will vouch for this! When I became a Mum this habit hit over-drive! I must have taken about 30 pictures day in the first few months after Mason was born!

I printed a few of them but some were just a bit more special and needed displaying. I had a spare half hour one day and I used this time to get creative and made a picture focusing on different parts of Mason's body. The pictures are all from his first month so they are really special to me.

When I was sent a code to have a personalised canvas printed from canvas design I knew this was the perfect picture to use. It's made for an excellent screen saver but I knew it would look better hanging on the wall! 

They are really affordable, with prices starting at £7.99 you can create lovely pieces for your home with no trouble at all. They are 100% cotton canvas on a thick pine frame which are all stretched by hand. 

Ordering the canvas is easy. You just upload the image and choose the size you're after. They offer square canvases as well as the standard rectangular options so you can have a little play around and see what you like best.  You can view how it will fit and decide whether you want the image to wrap around the sides or leave them white. You can even add effects if you want to. Sizes range from 6" to 72" and it's recommended that you use the highest resolution as possible so your image isn't distorted at all when the size is increased. 

Once the order was placed I received my canvas 3 days later. It was extremely well packaged so there is no worry of it getting damaged in transit. This is really impressive considering the delivery is free! 

I am over the moon with how this looks! The quality is incredible and they even included the fixings to hang it on the wall. It's made my living room much brighter and I'm now reminded of how small my little boy was every day! 

The lovely people at canvas design have also given me a code for my readers. If you place an order just enter BLOG15 at the checkout and you'll get 15% off your order. With Mother's Day coming up one of these would make a lovely present! I completely recommend this company and I'll definitely  be ordering a few more as I continue to keep snapping away with my camera!