Saturday, 8 February 2014

Things that make me go 'Ahhh'

Following on from my plan to be really positive this year I decided to write this post is on a few of the things that make me go 'Ahhh'
...and when I say 'ahhh' I mean it in a good way. (otherwise I would have written argh -notice the difference?) It's ahhh with a smile, like when you have a really good sip of tea.

As I have said before,  I'm determined to have an absolutely amazing year. Positivity is key.  I'm much happier this year as I have the right people around me and I'm finding the positives in everything. My boyfriend has decided that when someone does something you might not agree with, tell yourself that they might be going through something you don't know about. There's probably a reason for their actions. It's a really nice way of looking at things. I just love his outlook.

I've been doing the #100Happydays challenge on instagram and I hope to keep it up as its a really nice thing to do. You just take a picture of something that made you happy that day and upload it. I plan to print all mine out at the end and have them in a little book to look at. 

I have a  notebook that was given to me by a lovely friend of mine and I've been filling it with quotes that make me smile. It's been nice showing my artistic side by sitting down and making the quote into a pretty design. I find it very therapeutic and the book is going to be great to look at when it's full up.

So here's some things that make me happy...

My Family

My Mum is incredible, she will always have time for anyone and is practically Wonder Woman. She can handle anything, she is the strongest woman I know by a million miles. My Dad is the ultimate legend, I think the world would be better if there were more men like my Dad. My brothers make me laugh so much and I love how close we are, their girlfriends are absolutely lovely too. I've always looked up to my sister, she made me stop biting my nails when I was younger and she always wants the best for me. And needless to say my son and partner are the best things that ever happened to me. I'm really very lucky for the family I have around me. 

New lipstick 
New make-up in general makes me happy but lipstick in particular is my favourite. I always get excited to try it out. I always feel good when I've got a bold lip!

For anyone that knows me, this is a predictable one for me!  One way I cheer myself up is to put on a pair of pretty shoes for an hour or so. Just lay around on the sofa admiring the prettiness as you have your feet up, take a selfie too, why not?! Try it! I own a lot of them and I was always known as the girl in the heels as I wear them everywhere. I am very proud of my shoe collection. New shoes make me very happy but wearing any old pair of mine will make me smile too.


Coffee with my man
I love love LOVE spending proper time with Sam. And going for a coffee is always something that leaves me smiling. We get that hour or so to ourselves to really talk and just be us for a bit. We put the world to rights, do a bit of people watching and get to be in our own little bubble together and step away from being Mum and Dad for a bit.

Dinner with Friends
I've lost the love of going out and getting wasted, I guess being a Mum changed that in me.  Now I absolutely adore going out for a meal and properly catching up with people I care about. I've had some of the best times lately catching up with such lovely people. I always end up going home with a big grin on my face and aching stomach muscles from laughing so much.


 I bloody love the sun and I hate spending a warm day indoors! When Summer ends I spend the rest of the year counting down to it. Everyone is happier when it's sunny, everything looks pretty and it's so much easier to dress!


The Disney castle 
You know as a Disney film starts and there's the little bit zooming up to the castle... I just love it, it makes me smile every time. I guess it takes me back to being a kid and loving the disney magic. Just when that music starts up it's already magical! When I went to Disneyland as we were pulling in on the Eurostar I saw the castle in the distance and I swear it brought a tear to my eye! I love anything Disney and it's the big kid in me that will always love it. I recently wrote a post on some of my favourite Disney films.

A Sandwich and a Cup of Tea!
I know, I'm so Biritsh it hurts.... but I have a one year old and it can be difficult to find time to eat lunch so when I get a moment to sit down and have time to myself and eat lunch it is so relaxing! I could have the choice of anything in the world and I would probably still chose a some kind of sandwich and a cup of tea! I may be high maintenance at times but I'm incredibly vanilla when it comes to lunch!

I had some of the best times of my life when I worked in London. I worked in a job I adored with people that I love. The girls I worked with made every day different and when ever I go into London it makes me smile thinking back on all the great memories I made. I even enjoy the journey going in, it's only a half hour train ride but it's nice to watch the world go by for a while and be alone with my thoughts or a good book. There's always something to do and I think it's the most beautiful city I've been to.


My best mate shares this with me. We both write a lot of lists. There's a great satisfaction when you get to tick something off! I just like to be organised. It's even better if the list is colour coded.

This picture

Baby Mason

The first night I spent alone with Mason. I was terrified, I'd never really even held a baby before and now I had total responsibility for this one. I didn't want Sam to leave me and the midwives let him stay an extra hour and then it was just me and him. He was good as gold, he barely cried and spent a lot of the night staring at me and making me feel like everything was going to be ok. I didn't sleep at all. I just looked at him all night! From that moment I knew he was going to be my rock.

Delivery from the Postman

Deleiveries are even ore amazing when you forget that you made an order! The door goes and you think 'I have no idea what that is' and then when you see it you go 'ooooh yea!' this just me?

Now I know what you're thinking! But I have to be in the right mood for this one. When I get into it, I bloody love cleaning! It's knowing that when it's done everything is all sorted and looking lovely again and I can sit back and go 'ahhh'

What makes you happy? Do you agree with any of these?



  1. Deliveries always make me happy, and I totally understand what you mean about the cleaning! I find going to dinner with friends so much nicer than a night out sometimes, and I'm still a student. But I think it's because everyone remembers the night and remembers why you had such a good laugh :)

    Gorgeous photo of your son by the way, he looks so cute and peaceful.

    And I love the shoes, as always!


    1. I'm glad you are with me on the cleaning front! I thought people would think I was mad!

  2. Aw what a really lovely post hun and that pic of Mason made me go awww x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  3. Those shoes look insane! I could never dream of walking in those haha. Mason looks like such a sweetie! xx

    Olivia | Thoughts, fashion and beauty.