Saturday, 22 February 2014

Story of My life Tag

So the name of this Tag means I now have One Direction in my head! 
I saw this done by Sarah from Bow Bombshell and I thought it looked like a fun tag to do. If you didn't learn enough about me in my 50 Facts About Me post then here's a bit more...

1. When and where was your birth?
I was born in November in Surrey

2. Who chose your name(s) and was there a reason?
My Mum liked the name Jenna after seeing it in Dallas. My Dad liked Crystal but it rhymes with my surname so I'm extremely glad they didn't go with that.

3. Earliest childhood memory?
I remember being on the carpet (the sort of reading area) in school when I was about 4 and I wasn't really listening or I'd got in late and didn't catch the beginning and the teacher asked if any of us had anything to add. I put my hand up and said 'I have new shoes' I remember it clear as day! I was even holding my foot up! I've clearly always been shoe obsessed!

4. What were your hobbies as a child?
I went swimming from the day I was born (well, as soon as my mum could take me) and I did swimming lessons every week too. I went to Brownies but grew out of it before I was old enough for Girl Guides. Then I got really into basketball as I reached my teens.  I've always been into drawing too.

5. Do you have any siblings?
I do, two younger brothers and a sister.

6. A funny story of something you did or said as a child?
Now, you would think the shoe story would be hard to top... But I once was being told off by my mum after school. It was something silly and I got really upset and angry. I was still in my uniform and I was drinking a glass of orange juice. In my anger I decided to throw it down myself! I figured it would annoy my mum and she would have to wash my uniform before I had school the next day. Needless to say I was sent to my room! 

7. Did you do well at school?
I did pretty well considering I had a year off due to illness. I enjoyed school actually.

8. First teenage celebrity crush?
It was Steven Gately from Boyzone! I later found out he was gay and I had no chance. I moved on to Gary Lucy from Hollyoaks then, I had pictures all over my wall and in my school locker!

9. Favourite song(s) of all time?
Of ALL TIME?! Now that is a tough one, I change my favourite song more than I change my pants (which is a lot, I'm not saying I never change my pants. Just so we're clear!) I think maybe 'More than a Woman'... or 'Under Pressure'.

10. Favourite moment or memory in your life so far?
My son being born. It's an obvious one but the first night I spent in the hospital with him was the most surreal moment of my life. He just laid there looking at me and made me feel amazing. Knowing I look after him every day and don't palm the off, despite being unwell makes me feel really proud of myself. 

11. Have you fulfilled any of your dreams yet?
Meeting a guy that I'm crazy about and having a great relationship. I think watching too many Disney fins as a kid made me think there is someone perfect for me out there and I needed to find him. 

12. What are your ambitions for the future?
After last year I was totally off marriage but I'm warming to the idea again so one day I'd like to marry Sam. If only to have an amazing party with his family and mine all together! We're not really low-key kind of people so we wouldn't do it on a budget so want to wait til we can go all-out and do it exactly how we want it. I also want to let M see the world so I want to be able to take him on amazing holidays that he can look back on. I think I want to have another baby too, just not til M is at school!


 I tag everyone reading this. If you do the tag please leave a comment with the link, I'd love to have a read!



  1. I love reading your posts. You're so funny!
    You and my brother share the same birthday.
    I'm a first grade teacher. I have some kids say the silliest things sometimes. It;s great to see that you remember that. Goes to show that everything my students say matter :)

    1. Ahh bless you! (being told I'm funny is one of the best compliments ever -thank you!)


  2. Ha Gary Lucy from Hollyoaks, I used to love him too x

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  4. Hi Jenn
    Thanks for mentioning me in your post!
    And LOL at the orange juice story. Also Gary Lucy was good looking ;-) good choice. Mine was Gareth Gates (awkward) haha.
    x Sarah x

    1. haha! Garath gates... oh dear! It was a really fun tag to do!

  5. lovely pics :)