Friday, 21 February 2014

Personalised iPad case from Mr. Nutcase

About a month ago I finally wrote my really personal post on a Moment that Mattered for She Might be Loved's competition to win an iPad mini. I was absolutely over the moon to find out I'd won! It felt great to finally get a lot of my thoughts out in the post and winning such an amazing prize was the icing on the cake!

 I knew with my new lovely gadget I should keep it safe. So I really needed to invest in an iPad Mini CaseIt was excellent timing when I was contacted to try out a case from Mr Nutcase.


The website is really bright and colourful. It's woodland cartoons with the cute squirrel are really fun!


Choosing a case was really difficult, I have to say. There's so many designs to choose from. They're not just for iPads either, they cater for iPhones, Samsung, Blackberry, Kindle, HTC...pretty much anything!

There's also an option to use your own pictures to make a more personalised case, this one was the obvious choice for me. I have so many pictures of Mason that I love so I thought it was great idea to add some to the case of something I would use everyday. 

After selecting the create your own section you select your manufacturer and device, (Apple, iPad mini) then you can chose between a executive flip leather or and ultra light weight slimline case. I opted for the slimline case. A new iPad case sounded great, a personalised iPad case sounded even better!

There's 19 layouts to choose from and you select photos from your computer and can move them about and crop them to make the design exactly as you want it.
You can choose the colour of the case too, I wasn't 100% if my new iPad was going to be black or White so I selected a grey colour so it would work with either one.


I really enjoyed designing my case, it took a while but that was down to me being picky and trying out various designs to make sure it was exactly as I wanted it. 

You are shown a preview when you are finished and then you enter your details and you are away! The case was on my doorstep within 2 days and packaged really well, you get a screen protector too if you like their Facebook page, which is a lovely little addition.


I'm so impressed with how it looks and when I get my phone upgrade next month I'll be sure to look on mr nutcase for a new case! I really recommend you give them a try!




  1. Oh wow, what an amazing prize to win! Congrats. And I love the case you got too.

    Corinne x

    1. Thank you, I wasn't expecting it at all! I really love the case.

      Jenn | PhotoJennic


  2. I love it. It is unique and special.... great idea
    Greetings from