Monday, 6 January 2014

A little Boots Haul

don't often do Haul posts as I tend to just pick up bits and pieces here and there so there's never really a big 'haul' as such. It's rare that I purchase without reading a few reviews first either! See, blogging has turned me into a (semi)sensible shopper! The thing with reading blogs is that my wish list grows very very quickly, there's just too many good reviews and I can be easily swayed. I had some vouchers from my birthday and £35 of points to spend so I thought I'd treat myself to a few things I've had my eye on.

They see me haulin'...  

I absolutely love my Revlon Lip Butter in Strawberry Shortcake and I saw it was running low. My lips are really dry at the moment so lipstick hasn't been looking great with such a chapped base to apply to but these babies really help!  
I saw they were 2 for £10 so I had to pick up a couple more. It would have made sense to replace the colour that I had but nooooo that seemed too boring for me! So I picked up a couple of new shades. ...Guess I'm not that sensible after all, dammit!

I use them more for day time looks so I wanted to go for something quite subtle. I picked Creme Brule and Peach Parfait. How cute are all the names of the lip butters?! I'd never noticed before!


Creme Brule is a creamy nude and Peach Parfait a peachy-pink, both excellent for that extra bit of colour for daywear. I'll be reviewing these at some point to show what they look like.

My Rimmel Salon pro in Soul Session is my favourite nail polish at the moment. I'm so impressed with the consistency of the Salon Pro polishes and how long they last so I had to pick up a couple more from the range, especially as they were also on offer, they were 2 for £6. This girl likes a good bargain!


I've had my eye on Disco Fever for a while. It's like the colour I just wish Essie Bahama Mama was (I'm so disappointed by that polish!) So I had to go for that along with Celebrity Bash which is a lovely deep red.

I planned on quickly grabbing another Barry M nail art pen, I prefer theirs to other brands as their one is more like a felt tip and easier to handle. But there was another offer to tempt me, when buying this I would get another Barry M nail product for half price, that's a nail polish for £1.49 and I can't say no to that! This took me a while ages to choose but cut a very long story short I got Magenta Glitter, which is, well a magenta glitter! And it looks great over deep reds and pinks and Essie Bahama bloody Mama! (Bane of my life). So it's not totally useless to me anymore hooray!


I missed out on pretty much all of the bargains in the Boots sale as most of the good stuff had gone very early. But I did manage to get Charles Worthington Big Volume kit. I did a bit of research (see, sensible...) and after looking at a couple of reviews it sounds like a really good shampoo and conditioner for my fine hair. I like that it comes with a backcomb and texturising powder which I'm really looking forward to trying to see how much lift I can get from my hair! For £8 I can't complain.


I did nip (NIP! see what I did there?!) into TK Maxx and I managed to get the Nip+Fab kit for £7! It was in the clearance section and the only thing I could see wrong was that the eye mask had slipped down inside the packaging, and to be fair I'll probably just chuck that out. Does anyone actually wear eye masks? I've been wanting to try the glycolic fix pads so I was really pleased to nab this for such a good price!


So there is a little look into my shopping bag. I still have some points left so maybe this won't be the last you'll see of me hauling! What have you been buying lately?



  1. I absolutely love Nip+Fab and that kit is such good value for £7, I'll have to see if there's any in the Boots around me.

    S xo.

  2. I only have on Rimmel Salon Pro nail polish and I'm also so impressed with the formula...Will definitely need to get more..I also love the look of the Barry M polish :)

  3. Great haul, really want the nail art pen x

  4. The nail polishes are such pretty colours and that Nip & Fab set looks lovely

  5. Peach Parfait is a lovely lip butter, I hope you like it. My favourite one however is Juicy Papaya, that is worth trying too as it is like Peach Parfait minus the shimmer.
    Amy x A Little Boat Sailing