Sunday, 8 December 2013

My Dad

Today is my Dad's Birthday. 

My dad is possibly one of my favourite people in the world, I wouldn’t say I’m a ‘daddy’s girl’ as such but he’s the man I most admire. I've always got on with my parents, I've never understood families that argue all the time. I guess I'm lucky in that respect. 

My Dad has always had the right balance, he's like a good teacher  -strict but fair. When I was younger I was so scared of doing anything to annoy him, not because he’d shout at me or anything, but because I just hated letting him down. 

He has a way of being so diplomatic, If he doesn’t agree with something he’ll put his argument across in a calm way until you see sense. He’s never been one for interfering in my life, but he always guides me. Because of him (and my mum) I switch off when people raise their voice to me, I've been taught to put points across with facts, not to shout.

I remember Dad having a saying framed by his bed ‘always behave like a duck, be calm and unruffled on surface but paddle like f**k underneath’ he lives by this, and it’s something I try my best to do. Dad always seems to be in control, you rarely see him crack.

He’s the hardest working person I know, he never stops. You could never accuse my dad of being lazy or boring. He’s always up for doing new things, making the most of a day. He works hard but he knows how to play hard too. Some of my best times as a kid was when he’d take us out for dinner and we’d talk for hours and he’d tell us stories of when he worked in a casino or as a limo driver. He has the best stories. Even tales of the ‘olden days’ as we’d put it, to me, as a 6 year old, he seemed to know the answers to everything. He still does.

I don’t know if there are some deep set issues I have that only a psychiatrist can explain but the one thing that can get me bawling my eyes out is anything Dad-related.

I was told by my boyfriend that I’d cry watching Armageddon, when the story got going I saw why. I was crying before 'it' even happened. Probably more so than Liv Tyler, she wasn’t half as upset as she should have been in my opinion! And everyone cries at that scene in the Lion King, right? 

My biggest wish is to make my Dad's life easier. I know money doesn't solve everything but it would really help with a few things. He's a person that deserves to live the high life and he'd do it bloody well! He's make sure all his family were taken care of but also make sure he did some really exciting things. 

There's nothing he wouldn't do for his kids. He's helped us all out of so many situations. Not just by lending money (which Dads are great for, I think you'll agree!) but by being a shoulder to cry on and to be the person to hear you when no one else will listen. He knows that not everything needs a solution, sometimes you just need to let things out. He always says that life has ups and downs, that's just how it is. Sometimes the downs are really low but the huge ups will make all the struggles worth it.

I have so many of my Dad's characteristics, being too opinionated, sarcastic, easily irritated by bad manners, having high standards, and being might stubborn but I wouldn't want it any other way.  I'm also lucky enough to have the strong mind, sense of humour, the intuition, the class and morals that he has.

Me and my Dad this Summer

He's always taught me to never tip with silvers, that swearing makes you seem uneducated and you lose any argument if you shout first. He taught me how to ride a bike, to play pool, darts and many card games and tricks from his casino days.

I adore my dad, I'm not sure even he knows how much.
If my son grows up to be like him I'll be a very happy girl.



  1. What a lovely, sweet and funny post. I have followed your blog and will read more later x


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  3. Happy Birthday to your dad! I'm a daddy's girl and if you ask me to vote my parents, my dad will get my vote! Such a sweet post! You looked so cute when you were .... 3? Lol!

    Psst, coming from last night's chat! Wahoo!

  4. I'm a new bloglovin follower :) what a cute post! I love it. My dad is amazing too! I hope your dad has a very happy birthday!! xx