Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Winter Project | Winter Accessories

So we kicked off last week's #WinterProject with a post on Winter Nail Polishes.

This week it's a chance for me to tell you about my Winter accessories. As I mentioned before I'm not much of winter person, so much so that I'm still in my summer clothes for as long as I can. Over time I just add some tights, boots, a jacket and then around this time of year I admit defeat and I have to start trying to be a bit more sensible as my body starts to go numb.

I just hate covering up a nice outfit with lots of layers ok!

So on top of my usual winter outfit, (either jeans/leggings based) I add a few extras. 

One thing I do look forward to digging out is my Accessorize pashmina. I actually have it in a few colours as I love how soft it is. I wear my blue one the most, I went through a phase of wearing this colour so much that amongst my friends it became known as 'Jenn Blue'
Although some might say £20-odd for a scarf is a bit much, I certainly get the wear out of them!

Accessorize Pashmina 

My French connection boots are a firm Winter favourite. In fact they are probably my favourite item in my wardrobe. They are suede at the back and leather at the front with a gold buckle and wooden heel. I have these in both Brown and Black and I totally adore them. When I get upset that Summer's over I tell myself "it's ok, you can wear your boots again!"
French Connection Boots

I picked up a pair of ear muffs in Disneyland Paris a few years ago and they are so cute! Little furry Mickey Mouses which are so warm and are only subtly Disney so I don't feel like too much of a child wearing them!
Mickey Mouse Ear Muffs

Tights and some leg warmers over cute boots is another look I go for in the Winter too. I'm also very fond of knee socks!

When it snows (urgh) I have my DKNY snow boots which have a welly like texture to them and some great grip on the bottom too. I don't wear flats so these are the most sensible heels I could find for the horrible weather!
DKNY Boots while walking M back in January!

I'm still on the look out for a perfect winter coat but each year I give up trying! I'm more of a jacket person anyway to be honest and I just layer up with hoodies and long sleeve tops!

Looks like this post was mainly shoe based... oops! I guess that means boots are my favourite Winter accessory! 

If you've taken part in the winter project too please leave your link!



  1. Cute post! I've fallen in love with your earmuffs :)

  2. Omg your boots are to die for! (: Love them and great post!

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  5. Love love your blog. It's like shoe and cloth heaven lol xx