Sunday, 10 November 2013

Vaseline Paint the Town Red Lip Tint

I'd kind of gone off the whole tinted Vaseline idea a while back, I tried a couple of their different tins, the pink, the creme brule, I also gave the aloe vera and cocoa butter a go. I was usually left a bit underwhelmed and Carmex became my go-to product for chapped lips. The tints just never seemed to show and I may as well have just used the original blue tin. Revlon lip butters were there to moisturise while adding the pop of colour and I was happy.


But naturally I was tempted when I heard that Vaseline had now released a red. A red was bound to show up...surely?


So I picked one up and immediately gave it a go, my very chapped lips are suffering this season!
Sadly I was left underwhelmed as usual. I'd fallen for the gimmick again! There was not really much of a hint of red at all if I'm honest, an ever-so-slight pink but nothing noticeable. It was so subtle that I was out one day and noticed Masons bottom lip was a bit chapped and as the Red tin was all I had with me I dabbed a bit on. You wouldn't have known -which is lucky really as a baby boy with red lips may have looked slightly strange.


I've found my perfect red tint with the added hydration in Maybelline's Baby Lips Cherry Me and that also has the lovely cherry flavour.

I actually have 2 tins of this stuff as one was bought for me, and I'm sure I'll get through it eventually but it's certainly not a 'must buy'  in my eyes.

...I do like the look of the tin though.

What did you think? Have you tried it? Did you love it or hate it?



  1. i have never really got on with vaseline! Not sure what it is about it...
    nice post though :)


  2. I find vaseline totally overrated! The Cherry Me Babylips has a better colour to it and for hydration I love Nivea's Essential lip balm xx

    Angelica [One Little Vice]