Monday, 18 November 2013

Bloom and Wild -Flowers through your letterbox!

I love sending flowers -I also love receiving flowers but that's beside the point! Surprise flowers are even better. 


One thing that can put me off is the thought that the receiver might not be in to get them or if I send them to their work they then have to transport them home, something I have had to do before and it is a bit of a hassle getting on a packed tube with a big bunch of roses (I know, poor me...).

So when I saw that Bloom and Wild are a company that send fresh flowers not just to your door but through your letterbox I thought it was a great idea! 


Your first worry might be that they would get damaged when they fall through the door, but that's not a problem at all. The flowers are so well packaged in a long, sturdy, cardboard box to keep them from falling about, the buds are cased in netting, while the stems have a little plastic cup over each end to protect them. 

They even manage to make them look pretty before even getting them arranged and in a vase, as they are wrapped in cellophane and tied with a purple bow. There is also a card with a note and details of the flowers in the box.



The flowers picked for you are always in season so will be much better value for money.

The only thing you have to do yourself is arrange them but you have to do that with most standard bouquets anyway once you've trimmed the stems and put them in water.

All flowers really last the same amount of time from when they are cut, the difference is how long ago they were cut before you got them. They say their flowers last longer as unlike supermarkets and florists who have to go through stages such as being sat in warehouses and sitting on a shelf in a store, Bloom and Wilds flowers are cut, packed and shipped right away so your flowers will last much longer in your home.

My flowers lasted for a good week with the roses dropping first but the rest of the bouquet was gorgeous for a lot longer.

Prices start at £16.95 for a single gift bouquet so they are not only convenient but very affordable too.

They offer subscriptions too so you can treat someone (or yourself) to fresh flowers on a regular basis! You can opt to have them weekly, fortnightly or monthly which is great for the home or the office too. The fact that this can all be done online is another perk.

I really love this concept and I really recommend you give them a go if you are planning to send flowers any time soon!




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