Saturday, 30 November 2013

ASOS Xmas Wishlist

This is the second of my Christmas wish lists. The first being from Topshop. I had a pretty big list from there and I tried to limit myself on this one. ASOS is one place where I end up having a huge wish list all the time! It's great that it has the 'saved items' page and it shows you when things go down in price -very dangerous! But it means I check it regularly to see if I can justify treating myself!  

Here's a few things I've got my eye on...

1. I love the colour of this Skater Dress I think it's really Christmassy too without going for the obvious red. I have a few plum lipsticks that will really go brilliantly with this and it can be worn day or night. A total investment if you ask me!

2. I'm terrible at shopping for coats, they just swamp me! I like them to have a hood too as I don't like carrying around an umbrella. I think this Duffle Coat could look cute... I'd have to try it.

3. I love this Shift Dress, it took me a while to narrow down a colour as it comes in black, navy and green too which are all lovely. But red seemed the most fitting given the season. It's sold out in my size in every colour at the moment so I will have to wait and see if Santa can pull any strings and have it waiting for me under the tree!

4. Another wintery item that I'm not great at buying is a jumper, or basically anything practical and warm! I just don't like being too stuffy! But this cross back Jumper is quite nice and not too bulky. I think this is one I could work with!

5. Ohhh how I love a Bodycon! The black panelling on this is so flattering and it makes a plain red dress  that little bit more interesting. This also comes in nude but I have a similar nude dress from Quontum that I've worn to death and again, the red seemed right for the season. Though this is probably more for New Years Eve or Xmas parties rather than Xmas day with the family!

6. I've had my eye on these Ankle Boots for a while, I'm just not 100% sure they are high enough for the heel addict that I am. I love the buckle detail though!

7. This Leather Shopper is a great size to throw all my bits and pieces in, I don't exactly travel light! I really like the colours of the polka dots.

8. I've started looking in the petite section for jackets as I've found a lot make me very boxy and are big around my shoulders now. This Blazer has lovely blue lining which can add a pop of colour if I want to add something to a plain outfit. It goes perfectly with my favourite pashmina too!

Is there anything from ASOS on your Xmas list?

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