Thursday, 24 October 2013

Sticky9 Photobox Instagram Magnets

If you're someone with keen eyes who spends their time going through my old blog posts, you may have seen my post a while back about print-outs of Instagram images. I was so impressed with these I was interested to see what else I could do with my instagram photos. It's nice to have something physical to look at. I don't often go back and look at my old photos on my Insta feed ... maybe I should? 

After a bit of digging I discovered photobox (formally Stickygram). A site that allows you to turn your simple Instagram pictures from your phone into magnets for the fridge, radiator, microwave etc... They very kindly sent me a code to try them out. 


I was impressed with how easy it was to order. You are taken to a screen which instructs you to load your Instagram images to begin. You enter your details and there they all are, you can go right back to your very first  Instagram photo so as long as your image is through Instagram you can chose any picture you like. It's as simple as selecting the images you'd like then making a payment. The price is in dollars which works out at about £9.27 and shipping is free. Very simple indeed! The hardest bit was narrowing myself down to 9 pictures!

There's no worry about it taking ages to arrive or any hidden postage charges.

They say to wait up to 7 working days for your magnets to arrive so I was surprised to see a lovely little envelope from them 3 days after ordering! I was pleased  they could fit through the letter  box, I am forever missing deliveries and having to make a trip to the post office! There is very little hassle involved in the whole process.

You can choose to add a little message if you are sending them as a gift and there's a cute little preview of your prints in there too which is a nice extra. I'll definitely be keeping it, I might even use it to make a card for someones birthday...


The magnets arrived attached to one and other and at first I was a bit worried about damaging them as I separated them but I needn't have worried, they parted really easily with no rough edges or damage. They are a thin bendy magnet with a matte finish and are really well made, they don't appear to be an image just glued on to a magnet, which might have been expected. They are more like those magnets you might have had as a kid where you dressed up Barbie or what ever...


Each picture measures 5cm x 5cm and has a white border which doesn't crop out any of your original picture but if there's a border already you might end up with double so if that would be a problem for you just bear that in mind.


 I think these are going to be amazing for Christmas presents. It's so personal and now those extra special pics are not just on your phone but there on your fridge for you to see and really appreciate. All your memories right there in front of your eyes and not a worry about battery life in sight!


I really suggest you give them a go, I love my new magnets! 
I hope this has given you a great gift idea, if not, the magnets might have given you some information on my life - either way I hope you enjoyed it!

Take a look at their website to see how easy it is to get started!



  1. what a sweet idea! i was going to get some instagram prints a while ago but never got round to it, but magnets are much more original, may even make it a gift for the boyfriend :) x

    1. I'm really pleased with them, they would make such a lovely present