Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Polargram Instagram Prints Review

Like a lot of people I love Instagram. I have to admit I didn't always like it. 'Who really cares about what I ate for dinner or how my nails look today?' But after downloading the app it became something I used regularly. I was completely suckered in! #Selfie, #throwbackthursday, #foodporn ... I'm all for it!

But like most of my Facebook pictures my Instagram photos just stayed on my phone. It's only when I had Mason I started printing actual copies of photos again. 

The pictures on my Instagram are taken all over the place and I find that each picture tells a story. Even if that story is 'look at the bolognese I just made!' When I saw I could print these pictures out to look like Polaroids I thought it was brilliant. 

So I logged into Polargram, it very simply asks for your Instagram log in, and you select the pictures you want. So I started clicking my way through pictures that I wanted printing. 


You get 12 for £5, 24 for £7 and 48 for £10. I aimed for 12 but it soon crept up and I went for 24 pictures. 

Within a week they were there on my doorstep in a lovely little box. Very nicely packed and there's no chance of them being damaged yet they are small enough to fit through the letter box so no missing deliveries. 


I love the results! They are a slightly glossy finish on really sturdy paper. I love the Polaroid look and the space at the bottom meant I could add captions to my pictures.


I'm so impressed and I'll definitely be ordering some more.



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  2. What a great idea!
    Adela x