Monday, 7 October 2013

Getting Arty For Anxiety

I was looking through my bloglovin' links the other night, armed with a cup of tea and a Twix (this is how I relax) and I came accross a few posts about the campaign #GettingArtyForAnxiety which was started by Molly and raises awareness for anxiety and mental health issues. I've noticed a lot of bloggers opening up about their struggles with this and I think it's great that we're getting away from the negative stigma of mental illness. 

1 in 4 people suffer from some form of mental illness in a year, and when left to manifest it strips a person of their personality, leaving them a shell of their former self. This is why it really needs to be spoken about more, it needs to be less of a taboo. It really is more than just feeling a bit down and being told to just 'get over it' never helps. 

So the aim is to raise awareness of mental illness and express your own personalities through some nail we need an excuse to get creative with our nails!

So here's mine...


I tried to make mine show a few sides to my personality and how I feel from time to time. So my index finger shows those days where you feel awful inside but on the outside you sparkle. Using  Barry M 293 topped with Gosh, 'Girls on Film'. It is a good thing and a bad thing as looking 'sparkly' on the outside can make you forget about how down you actually feel, but masking it can sometimes make it worse by not letting it out.

My middle finger represents when you just don't care and have that 'f**k off' attitude  (hence the choice of finger!) When I just find everyone and everything annoying. When I just don't take any nonsense. I can be extremely stubborn and stand-offish. I have chosen a colour close to my eye colour Essie's 'Cocktail Bling' as I tend to give 'that glare' when I'm unimpressed.

My ring finger is when I just feel like me, no fronts, no uncomfortable or down feelings or anything. Which is why I chose a nude colour but I added a hint of glitter to represent me having a positive glow. This was with Barry M 'Lychee' and No7 'Lavender'

The little finger is putting on a brave face when underneath you feel uneasy. When ever I'm in a situation where I feel uncomfortable I get like this. My boyfriend sees right through it though and always manages to calm me down, he's the one person that can do that so easily. I used Models own 'Misty Grey' with No 7's 'Hot to Trot' on the tip.

My thumb shows that I can be a bit of a daydreamer. I always want something to look forward to and often think 'what if...' I have my head in the clouds an awful lot. This was with Barry M's Blueberry with their white Nail Art Pen to make the clouds. It's also a lot like the wallpaper in Toy Story which shows my childish and playful side. I am a big Disney lover.

So there's a bit about me. I hope it helps raise some awareness and inspires others to take part.

If you've taken part in this too please leave your link, I'd love to have a read!