Thursday, 17 October 2013

Beauty UK Lipsticks Review

I was kindly sent these lipsticks from Beauty UK. You may have seen them around while browsing the isles in Superdrug. To be honest I've always overlooked the cheaper brands as I don't expect the quality of the products to be up to scratch but these really have proved me wrong.

The packaging is really sleek and doesn't give the impression that it's a cheap brand at all. I love that you can see the colours of the lipstick at the end which makes it nice and easy to see which colour you're picking up. I hate spending ages reading the bottom of my many Mac lipsticks to find the one I'm after! A great little extra is that the ends come off and they contain a little extra product to apply with a lip brush. This also means the end colour is actually the colour of the lipsticks, none of these stickers on the ends that show a colour that is nothing like the lipstick inside!


These two shades Passion and 
Plumalicious are great berry tones for Autumn.


 I was a bit scared how dark Plumalicious looked in the bullet but it isn't as dark as it appears, it's a deep plummy red but nothing to be scared of. It's not too  dark at all when it's on and it feels really moisturising.

Passion is such a bold shade. It's definitely striking but not too much for day wear. It's a deep pigmented raspberry pink that personally I would get a lot of wear out of.


I also tried two neutral shades which are a bit more subtle and a little more wearable.


 I tried  Chelsea which is a lovely creamy nude and Son of a Peach, (such a great name!) Is a pale pink matte formula with nude undertones. I find this looks better with a bit of gloss over the top but it is such a lovely pastel pink!


These lipsticks have great pigmentation and excellent colour pay of. I found they lasted a good 4 hours with eating and drinking and they faded evenly. The scent is really nice, it has a bit of a minty smell to it, it's not overpowering, think Carmex... like that..


I'm so impressed with these, the creamy formula is great and the best past is that they are only £3.49 in Superdrug which is such a bargain! I'll definitely be picking up a few more shades.

What's your favourite?



  1. You are a very lucky lady! I'm in love with 'Chelsea' and 'Passion' although they're all such lovely colours and look very pigmented! The idea of having a little bit to be applied with a lip brush is also absolutely genius! Very impressive for £3.49 each! Will be adding these to my never ending wish list haha much love lauryn from

  2. I initially thought those were MUA lipsticks, the packaging looks the same :) Love how the Passion shade looks on you :)

  3. I'm loving the look of plumalicous as I am looking for a plum lipstick! I've only ever tried Beauty UK's nail polishes but I'm tempted to try these now!

    x x