Friday, 27 September 2013

No 7 Beautiful Skin Day Cream

After doing a bit of research and paying a bit more attention to the ingredients of products I was using I saw that although my daily moisturiser had  Vitamin E, (excellent for protection against external damage and reducing the appearance of scarring)  it also contained mineral oil which is not advised for people prone to breakouts or oily skin -i.e. me!

It was time for a change...

So armed with a No7 voucher (why do I always end up with so many of these?!) I went down to Boots and had a little look around. I've been impressed by their hot cloth cleanser and microdermabrasion face scrub so naturally No7 was my first port of call -and of course the £5 off was a bonus!

I first saw the Essential Moisture Day Cream. It sounded like what I was after but I had a quick glance at the ingredients and this also contained mineral oil -also called....liquid paraffin and liquid petroleum. I put it back and then my eyes were drawn to The Beautiful Skin range for Normal to Oily skin and the No7 Beautiful Skin Day Cream ticked all the boxes.

  • a light moisturiser for daily use
  • enriched with zinc to balance oil production
  •  5 star UVA protection
  • ...and no mineral oil!

all contained in an attractive little white and green glass jar...

With my voucher it cost me £7.50 instead of the usual £12.50. It was a little pricier than I'd usually pay for 50ml of product  but it's worth it to make sure I'm putting the right things on my face. I've spent all this money on Hydraluron to make my moisturiser work well so it might as well be a good one that I'm using! There's no point being half hearted about this kind of thing...

I'm really impressed with it. It's a really creamy formula that smooths into the skin well and doesn't leave it feeling oily at all. I dotted it thinly over my face and rubbed it in. It sunk in nicely and didn't leave any residue. I could apply make up almost immediately  afterwards. My make up stayed in place all day and my skin really felt moisturised.

It's not heavily scented, the smell is just really fresh and in no way overpowering at all. It just does it's job.

And the best part is that my skin has been behaving ever since I started using it. I'm tempted to look into purchasing other products from this range.

I've got another £5 off voucher in my purse, I might give the foaming cleanser a go next.

I'm glad I've started looking in to ingredients, it's surprising how you can think something that is so good for you is actually not helping at all.



  1. I always seem to have these vouchers lying round!

    Rachel x

  2. Oh what a lovely cream! I've only tried a couple of No7's skincare products so far but this sounds really nice xx
    Gem │ ♥ │ Miss Makeup Magpie