Friday, 20 September 2013

Eye Candy Lashes | Dramatise 005

These is the second of the Eye Candy lashes I have tried out. These are style 005 from the Dramatise range.  They are long and thick and create a really striking look. I wore these with a slight smokey eye and pale pink lips for a date night with my boyfriend.

I just love these! Just look how long they are! 

I find they look really natural too and as they are made of human hair they are so light weight you barely feel them on.

As I said when I tried the 014 lashes I found the glue a little fiddly and it didn't last as long as I'd hoped. The inner part started to come away after about 4 hours. Next time I'll definitely try with my own lash glue. I rarely use the glue that comes wiht lashes anyway, I love my trusty duo glue!

I think the packaging of these lashes are really cute too, I know the boxes just get thrown away but they definitely catch your eye.

I'm really enjoying this rage, I love a good set of falsies!



  1. I always see these but look past them thinking they'll be rubbish quality - however they look amazing! Will definitely be giving them a try in future :)

    Claire from Stylingo xxx