Sunday, 10 February 2013

Valentines Day Wish list...

As Valentines Day is approaching I've been doing some wishing and dreaming. I've put together a (very ambitious) list of what would make lovely gifts. 
So Sam if you're reading...

I've been loving the speckled nail polish by Illamasqua. It's going to look so cute over Easter as it looks like mini eggs!

I've worn Victor and Rolf Flowerbomb for years now and I'm always happy with a new bottle as I'll always go through it. It's such a girly floral scent and I'm yet to meet someone who doesn't like it.

You can't go wrong with chocolates from Hotel Chocolat.

Christian Louboutin heels have always been on my list. As you are probably aware I'm always in heels so high shoes are never a problem for me to walk in. One day I will own a pair of these babies and I will treat them better than I treat my son (ok probably not!)

Lilies are my favourite flower, I love how they make the whole house smell gorgeous. I think it's way more personal to buy someone their favourite flower than to stick to traditional roses, plus they're less likely to have the prices bumped up on the day (a little tip there!).

I love a Victoria's Secret underwear set and it seems rare to find a nice strapless bra. I'm so glad we have these in the UK now!

I've had my eye on the Naked palette for a while but I've never found an excuse to buy myself one as I have so many eyeshadows in those shades. It would be nice to have them all in once place though...

I've never been a huge fan of silver jewellery so when I saw pandora did their bracelet in gold I had to have it... I soon changed my mind when I saw the £1000 price tag! A girl can dream though

Realistically a nice meal and a couple of hours off from 'being mum' is all I ask for. It's just nice to spend a bit of time with the guy you love.

What are you guys hoping for...?

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