Saturday, 16 February 2013

GOSH Long Lasting Lip Marker

I've been lucky to be sent a selection of GOSH Long Lasting Lip Markers to try out. I know they've been out a while but I was yet to try them. There are so many lip stains on the market and I never know which to go for.


I have to say after trying them out I'm hooked! I really love them. They last a really long time and the best thing about a lip stain is that you don't have to keep reapplying it. I love a bright lipstick but I hate having to reapply it all the time on a night out. This stuff lasts when drinking and even when it fades it fades evenly so doesn't go all patchy and you don't have to worry about how your lips look.

The colour is really vibrant, they smell really fruity and it sounds a bit weirds but they... taste quite nice too!

It's easy to apply as it looks just like a felt tip. I outline the lip (carefully) and then fill in the middle, sort of like colouring in! You can also build up the colour if you leave it try dry then apply another coat.

So I tried out 3 colours Red, Pink and Berry.

001 RED is a really gorgeous bright red. Kind of '50's pin up' red. I wore it when I went out for my Valentines meal with my boyfriend and it lasted all night, even when drinking wine!


002 PINK  is a candy pink colour which you can build up to a Barbie-like pink if you like. This is nice for a little bit of colour for day to day wear without seeming too done up.


003 BERRY is my favourite, a deep berry red colour with a hint of magenta. This pic is just one coat but adding another makes it really dark and striking.


I can honestly see me purchasing these again and again. They'll be perfect for the summer by the pool (ahh it seems a life tie away doesnt it?) no reapplying lipstick all day!

They are usually £6.99 but they're on offer for £4.99 at the moment so go and stock up!

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