Monday, 21 January 2013

Neal & Wolf Blow Dry Balm and Heat Protector

Neal &Wolf have been around 20 years in the haircare industry and now have a range of products on the market.  I hadnt really heard much about them to be honest so when I was sent the Guard Heat Protection Spray and the Blow Dry Balm I was excited to try them out. 

I love how the packaging looks like its high end and luxurious. They look really stylish and you don’t have to spend a fortune on them, it really adds a touch of luxury to the bathroom.

First I tried out the Heat Protector spray, it can be used on both wet and dry hair and comes in a 150ml pump dispenser.

I was really keen to try this out and straight away and couldn’t wait til the my shower the next morning so I used it on my dry hair. It distributed really nicely in a light mist and the smell was lovely. It reminded me of the Jean Paul Gaultier Classique perfume, which I love as that’s the perfume my mum wears. (ain’t I cute?!)

I took sections of my hair and sprayed it, combed it through then ran my straighteners though it.
It gave it an amazing shine, and my blonde colour seemed brighter too. And of course I’m safe in the knowledge that my hair is being protected from the heat. I’m really impressed by this. I really love it!

I also tried out their Blowdry balm. I’m not a massive fan of blow drying my hair, it takes such a long time and gives me arm ache. I’m just so lazy! But after using this product I may just give it a go a little more often.

I used a small blob of this on towel dried hair, worked it through and then blow dried my hair in sections using a round brush. I'd be careful not to use too much as I can imagine it would weigh the hair down a bit and make it look greasy, but start off small and add to it if you need to. I have to say, I was really quite impressed. My hair is naturally curly but you wouldn’t know at all, this got rid of all the kinks and frizz I usually get from blow drying. I didn’t even need to go over my hair with straighteners like I often have to. It made my hair full of volume and it had a lovely shine to it.

The Heat Guard is £10.95 and Blow  Dry Balm is £11.95 and you can get it here

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