Wednesday, 25 July 2012


Firstly I want to congratulate Tanatomicals on their witty packaging. Their brightly coloured boxes and amusing slogans certainly makes it stand out on the shelves. 

They kindly sent me a couple of their products to try out. 'Me Tarzan, you Jane, we cheaters instant spray tan' and 'The Holy Grail for the deathly pale self tan mousse'. 

I gave the mousse a go first. I always like tanning mousses as they feel more hydrating and I find they go on a lot better than lotions. This one was a bit more watery than others I've tried but I soon got used to that, it needs a good shake to get going, so remember to do that! 

Unlike many tans it has a gorgeous fruity smell and I spent the whole time that I was applying it trying to think what it reminded me of... I think it's some sort of sweet. You can see where it's going on and leaves a lovely tan to you immediately afterwards. The only downside is that it seemed to take a bit longer to dry than others I've used in the past, but the colour was amazing and totally worth the sexy penguin waddle I was doing around the house. 

At the weekend I have a wedding to go to and the dress I am wearing is backless. I've noticed my back is looking a bit paler than the rest of me. The back is a hard place to apply tan yourself so I plan to enlist the help of my boyfriend... I decided to give him the easiest product to use, the instant spray tan. I'll keep you posted...

You can get the Tanatomicals range from Superdrug and asos for £6.99 which is an absolute bargain if you ask me!

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