Monday, 2 July 2012

Style File

Loveable Tom from The Apprentice, remember him? He was the dark horse in last years show and went on to win it. He's done extremely well and invented the 'Stylfile'. It's an 'S' shaped nail file which creates the perfect curve for your nails in a few easy sweeps. Unlike other nail files, which are straight, this one curves round your nail as you file. I'm sure many other people will be thinking 'why didn't I think of that?' it's the simplest ideas that are always the best.


Tom says "Since the Apprentice final I've been working night and day to create the Stylfile collection. The unique Stylfile curve makes it easy to have great-looking nails without the need for an expensive manicure"

He has 3 products in his range. The first I tried out was the S-file, which is like your everyday file (but of course with the distinctive 's' shape) with 2 different abrasive sides, carefully selected by Tom so they last up to 12 months so it's a bargain as well as a genius idea! It's pink In the middle with the file itself being black so it's still girly without being too OTT. It's safe to use on acrylic nails as well as natural and it left my nails smooth and snag-free. 

The next was the 'S-buffer' which is a 4-way buffer designed to follow the nail curve. There are really clear instructions on the pack. Rub the black surface on first, then the blue to remove the ridges, smooth with the pink side and use the white strip to shine the nail. It's very simple and saves having lots of different buffers and files. 

My favourite of the 3 was the Emergency File. I'm sure many of you have been out and chipped a nail and haven't got nail file with you. Well this is a combination of the S-file and the S-buffer, but on a keyring! Amazing. It can attach to your phone, keys, bag, whatever you like. Now you might think 'Well, that will just scratch up everything in my bag!' but he's even thought of the technicalities, it's in its own spiral case to protect not only the file itself, but your belongings too. 

I'm really impressed with what Tom's come up with and I'm really excited to see what other products he has on the horizon. Who says reality tv is just for idiots huh? 

You'll find the Stylfile in Sainsburys, Lloyd Pharmacy, Sally Beauty, Amazon and Boots for £4.49 -£4.99

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